Peru Jennifer, Julian, and Henok


Urban: 28,407,713 Rural: 6,665,785 Tourist attractions: Machu Picchu and Sacred valley Interesting facts: Lima is the capital and it’s home to over more than a quarter of Peru’s population, The Inca empire was once here until it was conquered by Europe, Machu Picchu,one of its popular tourist attractions,is high up in the Andes mountains,and it's home to the most bird species in the world,the third largest number of mammals and a very high number of species of butterflies and orchids.


Our flag has Incas patterns and symbols,because before Europe took over the New World,the Incas had control of the West-coast of the Pacific Ocean,including Peru.In Social Studies,we learned about the different natives in the New World before it was com

Government and Economic

Peru's government type is a confederation and is a presidential democracy.It's economy type is mixed,but it's more market than command.

Why peru should hold the 2022 world cup

Peru should hold the 2022 World Cup because the government would benefit all the tourist coming to see the World Cup,because it would boost up its tourism industry. Cuba would not be able to support its tourists if the World Cup was held there due to its food shortages.It's also has a Communist government,and would probably never let any of the tourists come to Cuba due to it's strict government.


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