Rhythm and Resistance :) Iain Zimmerman


We need resistance in our society due to a well maintained system of profiling. Resistance lets us resist society's idea of normal and cool and acceptable and trendy. We have many outlets for resistance, such as poetry, my personal favorite, books, also pretty good, movies, shows or videos (the least interesting of the list) and many more. We have seen forms of resistance change history. For example, look at the Harlem Renaissance; it was one of the times with the most resistance art other than today, which helped resist racism toward black people. Similarly, I tried to capture this spirit in my collection, the spirit that expresses racial and beauty diversity.

In poems I prefer to resist beauty standards and racial profiling. I’ll tell you about the topic of racial profiling . This is a BIG topic so you must be very careful when talking, writing, etcetera, based around the topic. Now you might think, “He’s white, he knows nothing of racism!” or, “He is only going to talk about racism to white people!” but you’d be wrong because on of the poems in this collection I wrote about racism around black people . This poem was an ekphrasis poem that was based on a piece of art where white people are depicted as monsters and it was a piece of art based on the federal law that banned segregation in schools . But it is still a huge problem today, which is why resistance to racial profiling is still so prominent. The other poems in this collection similarly tried to resist societal norms but focused on beauty standards and violence.

This project has changed my view on poetry because I used to not care about poetry and just think of it as a book with rules. But now I see that it is used to resist important institutions such as racism, beauty stereotypes, and so much more. I would like to describe my poetic writing style as comical but it always ends up being serious . Maybe my writing would develop in this way because I felt it must be really serious but I understood that Comedy can be used to prove a good point . Through these poems I have realized that I can use poetry to tell, not only, a story but to prove a point.

By: Frida Kahlo


Unibrows are thick.

Unibrows are beautiful.

They are not all bricks.

Unibrows are exotic.

Like fine wine.

Unibrows are symbiotic.

Always there for each other.

Unibrows are like siamese twins.

Always together till the end.

You may not love them.

But they are as much a part of you

As your:




And mind.

Love your unibrows.

They made you exotic.

By: Sev Statik

Safe Place

I was 21 and shooting for opportunity.

I was 27 and shooting for something else.

I had a scholarship and would be able to escape poverty.

I gave up, soon I will be free.

I was finishing up Semester 1 year 3.

I was preparing for my opportunity.

I was partying with my friends on campus after finishing a test, without worry.

I was sitting at home alone, preparing, silently.

My parents thought I would be safe.

I knew they wouldn’t be safe.

Maybe that is why he chose this school.

Which is why I chose that school.

And Finally, it happened.

And finally, I did it.

I was walking to class anxious to see how I did on my test.

I was walking to the campus ready to end it all.

Oh how naive I was.

Oh how surprised he was.

I was 21 with plenty of opportunities.

I was 27, and had given up on everything.

No one was prepared for this.

No one would see this coming.

I might be alive.

He might have survived.

If only I noticed sooner and had run just a little faster.

If only he noticed sooner and ran just a bit faster.

There was more red than the Bolshevik Revolution

He was covered in a flowing river of red.

They assume that since we are kids we’ll be safe from attack.

They thought that there was no need for security.

All they needed to do was look at Columbine or Virginia Tech and see their mistakes.

But I guess that they never heard about Columbine, or Virginia Tech.

If only there was some security.

Thank god there was no security.

If only “safe place” actually meant something.

To bad “safe place” meant nothing.

Then I could still be alive.

Then I would never have tried.

I had opportunity.

I had given up.

No point in dwelling on the past.

Forget about what has been said and done.

Not everyone can be saved.

You win some, you lose some.

No matter what.

No matter what.

Someone will die.

Someone will die.

I am the victim.

I am the shooter.

By: Domingo Ochoa Ulloa


I just want to walk to school.

These white monsters will always assault me with phrases like,

“We don’t want you” and “Go back home”.

This prestigious primarily white school

throws fists and tomatoes when I enter.

I wish they would leave us alone,

There are apples and stones and escorts when I leave.

I wish we could stop being color blind and see the color in others and stop identifying by black or white.

They beat us and hang us just for looking different.

Maybe just once they could stop thinking skin deep.

But that won’t happen anytime soon.

I can’t change my skin or my sex, not even bleach will change it.

I am perceived as bad to them because of a deep set fear that they have within of my intelligence.

You are all bark no bite, if you wanted me dead you would try it, I mean you surround me like a hurricane but I remain in the eye of the storm.

You are fearful of me, You think that when we get our education we’ll turn the tables on you but no.

We know the limit and most would never wish what happened to us upon any other man or woman.

We have been beaten, hung, whipped, murdered, slaughtered, arrested wrongfully just because of our skin, it has even gotten into the schools.

I am educated and your equal, but you can’t hold a candle to what my race has been through.

I am black and I have survived.

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