Global Warming and Flamingos

Global Warming is a big issue at the moment and it is greatly affecting us. Global Warming is a term used to identify increase in Earth's temperature. Global Warming has been happening over a period of time and is gradually getting worse over the years. This is happening because too much heat is getting trapped on Earth do to greenhouse gases.

One of the animals that are getting affected by Global Warming are flamingos. Flamingos live in South Africa. In and around lagoons and lakes in tropical or subtropical climates.

This is a picture of the flamingos habitat, in and around lagoons and lakes.

Flamingos depend on rainfall to help them mate. But, if Global Warming is going on it stops rainfall and causes them to not mate, and if they don't mate they could become extinct.

Another way flamingos are affected by Global Warming is it can dry out where they live, like lakes, lagoons, and swampy areas. Which could effect the amount of acid in the water and when there is too much acid they won't be able to survive. They won't have a habitat.

Lastly, Global Warming also causes them to loose sources of food. If flamingos live in and around water they rely on food from the water but if global warming is going on the animals in the water could die. Which means flamingos won't have food and they will die of starvation.

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