Lions. By lukas.

Are lions the biggest cat in the world?

No but it is the 2 biggest cat.

Do lions like swimming?

No but it will if it needs to.

How big do lions grow?

Lions grow up to 1.2m.

How long do lions grow?

Lions grow up to as long as 7'5 and 8'2.

How fat can lions grow?

Lions grow up to as fat as 264-400.

What is a lions diet?

A lions diet is Buffalo, young elephants, rhinos, antelope, zebras, hippos, wild hogs, giraffes and crocodiles.

How much bones do lions have?

Lions have about 250-260 bones.

How much do lions weigh?

Lions weigh up to 190kg.

Are lions endangered?

Lions are endangered.

Where do lions live?

Lions live in India and Africa.


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