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We began our business in Scottsdale in 2012 and in that time we have worked with hundreds of amazing clients. We have always modeled our business after one thing, to treat every client as if they are a friend…and often they become friends! Our passion for our work goes beyond a love for photography and a eye for the details because the most precious thing we could ask for is to be part of two peoples special day. When you are involved in someones wedding you get to know them, their families, why they love one another, and that bond is important to us every single time.

Lovelee Photography was founded with you in mind. We are a Luxury Photography brand embedded in the timeless

nature of beautiful imagery. Our product is delivered in a meaningful way, guiding our clients through a sophisticated process that captures their life moments in stunning quality.

Allow us to be your personal concierge, your liaison, as you step forward into an experience guaranteed to be like no other, showcasing your lifestyle and connecting with you on a more intimate level. Remove the discomfort of preparing yourself for a photo session, the hesitation and nervousness that consumes you before your session or wedding, and experience the relief that only true satisfaction can provide. We are at the top of our class in quality and client service, providing an experience that you will not soon forget.

Do not simply hire a photographer to take your photos. Invest in a guided experience that makes the process genuine, emotional and luxurious. We’re here to present you with unparalleled quality that will last a lifetime. . .We are Lovelee Photography, we are Luxury in your life.



Trained in film photography, we swoon over the beautiful skin tones and the dynamic range that film offers. Although we are now completely digital, we have adapted techniques that allow us to bring the same timeless nature of film with the digital enhancements that are now available. This is how we tell your story i an incomparable way.


Every wedding collection includes the high resolution digital files from you wedding. We are one of the only photographers who take the time to hand develop absolutely every image from your wedding day. You can expect between 75-100 images per hour on average. You will also have full printing rights, allowing you to print and display your photographs however you please. We do not believe in setting restrictions on your images. These are your photos, not ours. It’s your day, we’re there to provide support and beautiful photography.


All of your final images will be uploaded to an online gallery, where you will have the ability to view your entire wedding and share it with family and friends. Your online gallery is beautiful and unique with a stunning layout you will be proud to share! All of your photographs will come organized and easy to navigate. You can favorite or hide photos from your gallery to make sharing more convenient. In your gallery you will also find options to order from our premium printing options.


Simply put, a wedding should not and cannot be shot with one photographer. Weddings are fast paced, catching the right moments in the best angle requires complete coverage that cannot be duplicated by a single photographer. Both of us are professional photographers and have been working together since the beginning, we know our habits and style making it easy to work seamlessly together.







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