Inheritance Book Review By: Cole , MMs

You probably will not want to read Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance until you get a little preview or summary, so here is a quick summary of the book. Eragon has wanted peace all of his life, and in this book he finally gets his one and only chance to make peace by killing the evil overlord and his dragon but the hardest part is yet to come; Eragon still has to break into the evil overlord’s castle and slay him and his dragon, who are the most powerful person and dragon in existence. That doesn’t stop Eragon from storming the castle and after lots of effort, Eragon finally slays the evil overlord and his dragon, therefore bringing peace to the land, but Eragon is not there to see it.

This summary is just part of the book and you have to read it if you want to find out more about it. My favorite part that is not in this short summary is when Eragon goes to the Vault of Souls and discovers there that hope is not lost for him and the whole of the dragon race. A reason I liked this part in particular is because of the extreme but not overdone detail; another reason I liked this part is because the characters got all excited and happy, which got me fired up to read on.

Shhh went the silver and blue sword as Eragon pulled it out of its scabbard; anticipation welled up inside of me for what is to happen next. In this book you will often feel anticipation while reading because of the constant suspense and action, which is awesome in my mind because you are never bored reading this book.

Another reason you should read this book is because it takes you to a magical world where magical creatures and humans teach you lots of great life lessons, which if you ask me doesn’t happen in normal Fantasy books. The biggest life lesson the book pursues is to never give up no matter how hard the enemy is. A way it teaches you this is that when Eragon is hurt or in pain he still never gives in against Gioblatrix (evil overlord).

I have read this book and I thought it was the best book ever, so if you love Fantasy or just a book that gives you a life lesson, this book is for you.


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