Exploring your horizons Learning at YEEM

At YEEM you guide your own learning and just as Fisher explains in his article we understand that each student that attends this school learns at different paces. Also we understand that each student progresses through each grade with different levels of understanding and plan to remedy the different levels by creating mixed level classrooms.
Vermont has encouraged schools to transition from traditional grading into proficiency based grading (Proficiency Based Learning Simplified, 2017). We know that it can be confusing so there will be so there are graduation standards that each student is required to meet by the time you leave and go on to high school. The teachers will monitor and see whether the students have met the required transferable skills that were emphasized throughout the school year.
YEEM believes in hands on place based learning. Being in Vermont we use our location to help supplement your learning with trips to the government building to learn about history and have visits to nursing homes and soup kitchens so you can learn about how to engage with diversity in the community (Korbey, 2017).
Inquiry based learning can work at all ages for this we guide students by asking questions to help encourage guide their own learning (Schwartz, 2014). This helps students find their own passions which relates to the mission of the school.
Remember you find your own direction and have the ability succeed. Have fun!


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