What Is Automaton? How we help lower costs and increase engagement


Noun: a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.

Automaton replaces a lot of tasks that you might do as a salesperson or entrepreneur doing outreach and trying to capture leads or start conversations with key decision makers or influencers

Full Stack Marketing

At every stage of the funnel, you have to answer questions: Where are customers coming from?

How do they signal their interest to you?

Can you engage them enough to activate them and convert them into paying customers?

Have you enabled them to easily tell others?

Where do you start?

Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, SalesForce. You've surely heard of these services if marketing automation has popped up on your radar.

All of these tools focus on the following:

Content. Landing Pages & Forms. CRM Integration . E-mail campaigns with limited flexibility.

What they lack

All of these "all-in-one" solutions lack deep connections with any modern tools that do things they don't (re-marketing from an e-mail, for instance).

As well, when these companies build out yet another feature, they tend to create a shallow solution to complex problems. Building landing pages to be both beautiful, mobile responsive, and do what YOU want them to is difficult through their tools.

At Twin Engine Labs, we always end up gravitating towards tools that let us do a LOT more a LOT faster than companies with complex billing and artificial limitations like "contact limits".

How Automaton Fills the Gaps

Are you creating an e-mail list? Automaton can help you find contacts, guess their e-mail addresses, add them to a contact list, and send your e-mail, just as if you had done this yourself as a salesperson.

Are you running ads? Automaton can make sure your tracked conversions end up in your most convenient reporting tools the way you need them to be seen.

Are you trying to re-capture interested parties that clicked through an ad or e-mail? Re-marketing tools like Perfect Audience to the rescue, integrated into your sales process via Automaton.

Are you managing hundreds of keywords a day? Want to make them automatically optimized? No problem. We can write custom Adwords scripts that talk to multiple systems to determine what to run and what to pause.

How Automaton Makes Sales Departments Happy

How many times have you gotten a lead list to begin researching, only to receive a URL as your only data? How many hours have you spent clicking the link, finding contacts on LinkedIn, recording their titles, first names, and last names, and then using multiple other tools to guess the information, just to give them a ring?

That scenario doesn't happen when Automaton is integrated into your company's CRM. Once integrated, Automaton allows sales people to simply tag a new lead in their CRM of choice, and it does the rest.

Like magic, you'll watch new information pop up into your CRM as Automaton does the legwork you used to do.

How Automaton Makes Marketing Departments Happy

Data. Visualizations. Warehouses. Analytics. Conversion rates. Costs per click, impression, and conversion.

That is the language of the modern marketer. Gone are the days of the Mad Men, gut hunch, massive budgets and carpet bomb campaigns of the past.

Data is King

Today, modern marketers must master everything from content to adwords to conversion funnels to landing pages to e-mail campaigns.

Today's tools only cover a fraction of those needs, and combining all of their insights into a single source of information is challenging.

Combine the above requirements for data and visualization with the mutual requirement for clean data, and most B2B marketing operations wouldn't qualify as "modern" or ready for a full stack marketing effort.

Ready to Launch?

Tired of fighting your tools, paying for training, and not having your marketing exactly the way you want it?

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