Cornwallis unable to attend surrender cermony

Last October on the 19, the redcoats' general Charles Cornwallis formally surrendered. That means the war is over and the colonies are independent! Pleading a so called illness, Cornwallis didn't show up to the surrender ceremony. However, Redcoats' second in command, Charles O'Hara, preformed the ceremony for him and awarded Cornwallis' sword to our commanders.

Now, at the beginning of 1782, there are still some battles as the news takes time to travel. Peace agreements are forming and it will soon be officially stated that us colonies or should we even say colonies anymore, will be announced as a new nation! According to a meeting held in Pennsylvania there should be an agreement come September in Paris. We will keep you informed about the official state of the colonies but now it is on to a story a patriot kindly informed us about how the battle of Yorktown happened.

Posted above is a painting of the battle of Yorktown. Image received from google search labeled for reuse with modification

Battle of Yorktown, Va

Five years ago our general, George Washington, was driven out of New Jersey by Charles Cornwallis. Last year, Cornwallis lead a victory over us in Camden, South Carolina. His next invasion in North Carolina was less successful. His troops were already tired from the long journey. Then he lead his exhausted soldiers to Eastern Virginia, near the shoreline, in order to maintain a way to communicate with Redcoat General Henry Clinton in New York City. As he marched through Virginia he slowed down and eventually stopped in Yorktown in late August. Wittingly our brave General Washington ordered Marquis de Lafayette who maintained 5,000 men to barricade Yorktown preventing Cornwallis' escape. As Washington's troops made their way, British reinforcements attempted to breach Yorktown but were no match for our allies, the French, and their naval superiority. During early October the allied troops from us, the patriots, and the French came together to form 14,000 men that slowly forced their way through Yorktown's defenses. That day, October 19, Cornwallis formerly surrendered bringing a close to the war.

What will we do now?

With the beginning of a new country how will we manage? Now that we have overthrown Great Britain we must be extremely careful to not follow in their steps. One question you might ask is how will our government run? One answer to this question may be that we may run a government similar to that of the greeks with a system that allows all men to participate. Others are skeptical and fear that we won't last long and fall to a system like Great Britain's or be taken over by another country soon. Here at the press we believe that our country will overcome the many obstacles that are thrown at us. We defeated the strongest army in the world! We have talked with scientist Ben Franklin who helped draft the Declaration of Independence. He thinks that a government that gives power to the people, state, and head of government will be necessary to last.

General George Washington. The leader of the patriot army who lead us into a victory over the Redcoats. He was put into the General position due to his amazing demonstration in the French and Indian war. Image was obtained through google search labeled for reuse with modification.
General Charles Cornwallis. Leader of the Redcoats. He fought a hard battle across the colonies following his most famous path from South Caroline to Virginia. Image was obtained through google search labeled for reuse with modification.



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