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thyroid cancer : a cancer of the thyroid , the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. fewer than 200,000 u.s case per.
what happens to the cell : thyroid is a disease that occurs when an abnormal cells begin to grow in the thyroid gland. Can it happen again : yes, can come back after treatment.
what part of the body does this affect ? thyroid cancer affects the throat and neck , digestion , the heart rate and body temperature.
the location of thyroid cancer grows at : chromosome 7 .. what genes are mutated : these "RET"mutation usually are acquired during a persons lifetime rather than being inherited. ~ they are found only in cancer cells, does not spread to off spring.
all symptoms : some people have no symptoms. others may notice a lump in the neck. Neck : enlarged lymph , lump , swelling.
can cancer be inherited : as many as 25% of patients with medullary thyroid cancer do have a familiar form of the disease that is inherited. it is caused by mutations in a structure called " ret" proto-oncogene.
prevention : most people with thyroid cancer have no known risk factors, so its not possible to prevent most cases of this disease. radiation exposure , especially in childhood , is a known thyroid cancer risk factor.
how the cancer is treated ?
  • medications? surgery? anti thyroid agent and hormone therapy.
  • chemo or radiations ? thyroid goes through radiation therapy.
  • nutrition ? lifestyle changes? basically when you have surgery and you go through radiation , it is really hard for you to eat anything and that when the risk factor comes in. you can find yourself in the hospital due to last of nutrition and liquids. the man thing for you to do is to drink a lot of protein drinks or smoothies and find something you can always rely on to eat. you have to prevail when you think you cant eat or when you feel like not eating.
  • surgery ? thyroid removal , endocrine surgery , partial hyperthyroidism , lymph node dissection , neck dissection.
what test are done ?
  • for thyroid cancer uses imaging test ..
  • the scans that they conduct are :
  • ultrasounds
  • radio iodine scans

imaging testing may be done for a number of reasons, including helping find suspicious areas that might be cancer , to learn how for cancer may have spread .
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Janaii Boone


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