Exploring some of the Murchison Words and Images by Haydn Davies

The idea for this little adventure was born about a year ago. I have this great job that lets me travel all over this great country we call Australia.. Most of the time I even get paid for it. However I always want to know what is just over that hill or round the corner, as a general rule these are not things I can do on someone else's dime and time.

Old miners cottage at Mount Magnet

So earlier this year when I found out I was going to be spending so time working at Mount Magnet I decided to drive up. This would allow me to spend a few days exploring those extra sports that I couldn't get to when I was working.

Someones pride and joy

So where have I been. Don't worry I won't give a day by day, hour by hour account. Just the cliff notes.

(left) Yep its a small hole in the ground, (right) old homestead on the Que - Yalgoo Road

First stop was the Dalgaranga Metior crater. I had been here long ago with mum and dad. I know cos I recognised the power pole in the middle of the small hole in the ground. Next stop was Walga rock, great little spot has some Aboriginal paintings and a Geo Cache. A friend had recommended I go and have a poke around the old Big Bell town site. I hate to think how hard it would have been mining there in the early 1900s. No air con in your Donga and no fly in fly out in those days.

Milky Way over Walga Rock

The roads through to Cue were great other than the plume of dust behind you, you wouldn't known they were gravel. Much better than the road into Paynes Find. More on that later. From Cue I went down to check out Sandstone. I had done some googling and decided I could only fit in Sandstone or Yalgoo. To turns out Sandstone has a cave that used to be a brewery so I had to go see that. I stoped on the main drag on Sandstone to make some Lunch and check out the visitors centre. Which was closed. It was only a few hours later that I realised I had been through Sandstone and all the touristy parts around it and not seen anyone. Could have been a ghost town like Big Bell. Only not falling apart.

Top Left - Old Homestead, Top Right - Old Hotel at Big Bell, Bottom Left - paintings at Walga Rock, Bottom Right - Sticking to the back roads.

After Sandstone the plan was to head towards Paynes Find and find a place to camp the night. The last 100 k into Paynes Find the road went to real nasty and that combined with the setting sun made the driving a little to dodgy for my likening.

London Bridge - Sandstone

So I turned down the first small side track I could find and headed down that. Now I am camped on the edge of a salt lake. I can't tell you where cos I don't know and I'm more than likely not supposed to be here.

Living the life

If you have made it to the end of this little ramble I would like to thank you. Also thanks go to those who let me hide my car in your shed for the past few weeks and to my bosses for letting me take a bit of time off to go and see what was over the hill

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Some of the 11 oversize loads I passed


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