The Woman's Suffurage Maddi maederer

In the early 1800's woman were not treated equal to the men. The men got to do many things like, follow their dreams, make their own buisnesses, keep their money in their possession ,were able to vote, and could get a nice education. Woman on the other hand had to live with no right to vote, they didn't get to keep the profits they made, if the wife and the husband got divorce, the man would automatically have custody of the children, woman could not make their own businesses, and basically only one of the things they would do was stay at home, make meals , and take care of the children. But did the woman see that this could or needed to be changed?

Woman were treated as they were second-class citizens. They were almost oblivious to the way they were being treated. Although there were a few woman that did start to realize it. Susan B. Anthony , Elizabeth Cody Stanton , and Lucretia Mott. These 3 woman have changed woman's history forever. They set up many protests and meetings so people could relize that this is NOT how woman should be treated. These protests helped more woman realize but what would get the whole world to realize this.

Susan B. Anthony , an american suffuragist, abolitionist and a leader for the woman's right movement changed woman forever st the first woman's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York, where she began the Woman's Suffurage Movement. This was made to give woman rights. Rights to work, rights to education, and rights to vote. Woman were about to be freed and this was only the beguining.

These woman fought and fought until they got what the deserve. On June fourth , 1919 congress passed the law that woman could vote. This is what they had been waiting for , for years. Sadly , Susan did not live to see the day on what her organization had done to woman. She had saved woman's rights.

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