Homework From block 2 through block 5

By Tommy Bailey

Why do you have to be unbearably aggravating? When you get given to me, most of it is not even hard, it is more just tedious. It takes away from free time which is hard to come by considering school takes up around eight hours by itself. Plus After school activities, which also take a couple hours at a time. It is just too hard to handle.

Sometimes I just want to sleep, i.e. I have been up until 1 AM once. I wake up at six every morning, and I have a very busy schedule, which means my homework gets done at night. But, when I have a stack of homework so high that I need to stay up super late doing it; which makes me end up not being able to concentrate; which makes me get it wrong; which makes my Dad rather irate.

Why did you fall out of my binder the one day I needed you? Why did you slip away from my mind the day before it was due? I am going to go kaput; break down; cease of movement. I wish I could just talk to my homework, for just a minute to ask it a couple of questions; and tell it a couple of things; because I am a little frustrated with a couple of things.

When I am feeling good about myself - which is not very often, I then remember my homework, I no longer feel good, now just anger. When I see the crumpled, colored paper, my skull squeezed my brain from blowing up.

So homework I just have to tell you my feelings and maybe turn you in a different direction.


Thomas Bailey

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Thomas Bailey


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