How to Steal a Dog Euncie s2d 3


  • Author: Barbara O'Connor
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • No. of pages: 170
  • Written in: 2007

About the author

Barbara O'Connor was born in November 9, 1958. She is an American author of children's books. Her books have won a lot of awards and the book How to Steal a Dog had been filmed into a Korean movie-The Perfect Way to Steal a Dog in 2014.

quotE From the book

  • "Sometimes the trail you leave behind you is more important than the path ahead of you."

This is a famous and meaningful quote from the book. You can try to search for it on the Internet. When I first saw this quote, I was inspired by it, so I have marked in my notebook already!


At first, Georgina lived in an apartment with her parents happily. But after their father left, they couldn't pay the rent. So they needed to live in the car.

One day, Georgina came with an weird idea: steal a dog, 'return it', get the reward money and pay the rent. After considering , she stole a dog called Willy with her brother, Toby. Meanwhile, they misunderstood that Willy's owner, Carmella was rich.

After a few days, Georgina met a traveller named Mookie and he knew about her plan. Accidentally, Georgina and Carmella knew each other and they became friends. She started to feel sorry about Carmella and discovered that Carmella was not rich at all.

At last, Georgina returned Willy back to Carmella and Carmella forgave her. Carmella's sister, Louise helped them to pay the rent and Georgina's life became normal again.

Favorite scene

The scene that Georgina returned Willy back to Carmella is my favorite. They both cried and it was touching. In my opinion, doing something wrong is not a big deal, but you have to correct your mistakes after you realize your fault.

The End, thank you
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