Hoot Book Review BY: Marjorie mms

Hoot! Hoot! You can hear the sounds of the baby owls crying, trying to call out for their mom. In the book Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen, a boy named Roy try´s to find out who this weird boy is that is running out on a street bare footed. That´s the mystery of this book.

To begin my favorite part is when a girl defends Roy when he is about to get hit by an older kid in school. As a result this is the story, Roy was in a school bus on the way to school. Therefore a kid that is older than Roy always bullies him so when they got to school the bully snuck in the closet and took Roy with him and almost hit him but the girl gets Roy by the back of his shirt and they run towards their home.

As a result the life lesson of this book is that you should never be afraid to try something different. The greatest part was when one of Roy ´s friends went inside of a hole where there were tiny owls living there. Roy was at a meeting where, the people at the meeting said that they were going to build over the home of the owls so this kid got inside of the hole where the baby owls were with their mom. The reason he went inside was because he doesn’t want the company to build over the owls home.

You can face and determine anything. You just have to believe and trust yourself.

I recommend this book to people who love mysteries. They will enjoy the mystery in this book. I think they will enjoy this mystery because this book contains a lot of action and mystery.

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