Yemen BUSINESS and Culture

Yemen:The Yemni are currently entrenched in a brutal civil war. The forces of Mr Hadi and various terrorist organisations and sultans of the South. A coalition is attempting to restore peace.

Appointment Alert: Islam constitutes 98% of the Yemni demographic.They pray 5 times a day, in the north appointments are made in the slots between. The roads in the south the roads causes appointments to be made by days. Arriving is seen as honorable.

The north is controlled by exiled princes and the South by Sultans. The businesses practice a tradition called Qat.

Dress: Men wear to the knee, and be modest. Women wear whatever you want in private, but in public cover your whole body. Fouten, aswat, turbans, and a Jambiahs.

Conversation: Platitudes always begin a conversation. Be polite. Arguments are welcome, but be courtesy. Always give feedback.

Gift Giving: Gifts only given to the most intimate of Friends and must be the BEST. For example, a homemade carpet, not a manufactured gift. Bribery is also common.

The Art of Deal Making: As- Salam Alaitum

Wa 'alaikumas-salan- reply

Respect the carpet rules. Never change a subject, unless it is a logical order.

Prosperous Entertaining: Yemini have parties where the attendees provide the food. They smoke tobacco hookah. Conversation is communal, parties last about 6 hours.

Public Behavior: Courage above all. All North Yemini are armed. Hospitality is a requirement. Politeness, Sword is a prized possesion.

By Jeffrey Bates. Will Withrow, Dalton Gollihue, and Zachery Lucas.

Our entertainment supervisor, William Withrow enjoyed learning the different greetings from Yemini Culture.

Dalton enjoyed the rich history and ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Jc enjoyed the political design of the Yemeni government.


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