Serial Muse Cosmic Volume I BECOMING

Life Goals 2011

  1. Make Vallejo, CA a "cooler place to be."
  2. Learn how to hula-hoop.
  3. Be a good role-model to my young son.
  4. Liberate myself from my marriage.
  5. Attain financial independence.
  6. Find myself.

To the best of my ability I achieved all on that list by mid 2011 and then immediately lost my job and then my home. I took it as an opportunity to reinvent myself. From 2011 to 2015 I amused creative notions within me by connecting my hometown community through art, passion, caffeine, and marketing. I found a place for myself at a local coffee roasting company, community radio station, social media and an online blog.

A couple years ago reinvention presented itself again. Out of a job and no place to call home I began a new journey. This time, knowing who I am made it that much more delicious. Finding myself in different communities, exploring new plans and putting my expertise to use has put me on a path of discovery. Thanks to technology I am able to share this with you and also work on exciting collaborative projects I once only dreamed of. This year I have self-published two books of my poetry using free web based software through Spark Adobe, BookWright, & Blurb.com

Collaborated with painter Annie Hong http://www.hootnannieart.com/

For each book in the Serial Muse Chronicle Series I work with a different artist who I admire.

Collaborated with photographer Melissa Dale http://www.melissadale.net/
“What an old Soul, she has been through some things. Hell I have friends over 50 years who are stuck, maybe they need to read this.” – Poet E Spoken’s Mama, Vintage
“Dude stop enlightening me I just want to eat ice cream and blame people!!! I don't know Julie this one rings true like if Rumi went to MIT and was reborn a women.” – Jon Lafortune, Behavior Therapist.


Melissa Dale and Roshanda Cummings

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