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Cellular Respiration's overall equation is more or less just like photosythesis but backwards; C6H12+ 6O2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O. According to refrence.com, the 38 Atp made is NOT part of the eqaution. Remember that the imputs are on the left and the outputs on the right. That means the products are carbon dioxide and water.
Glycolysis takes place in the cell's cytoplasm. What glycolysis really means is the splitting of glucose. In fact, Glycolysis is essential to all oragnisims. It occurs in both eurkaryotes and prokaryotes and does not require oxyegen which means its an anerboic recation.
Another cycle is the Krebs cycle( not to get confused with the Calvin cycle) You can call this one the citric acid cycle so you won't get it mixed up. This cycle is aerobic recation which means it requires oxegen. The first step of this cycle is that it takes the pyurate from gycolisis then takes another pyurate to form Acetyle-Coa. During this process, carbon dioxide is realeased ad NADH is created.
( continued) The Acetyle-Coa is broken down to a four carbon molecule, which then turns into a six carbon molecule. The Coa molecule is realeased. Carbon dioxide is realeased from the new six carbon molecule, which knocks it down to five carbon molecules. Hydrogeon is removed from NAD at this point and transforms into NADH. From the new six carbon molecule, carbon dioxide is realeased forming another five carbon compound.
Once again,hydrogeon is removed from NAD and turns it into NADH and the Coa molecule is realeased. On the side, ADP turns into ATP and as a result, a four carbon molecule is created. Hydrogeon is removed,which makes NADH and FADH. Because theses were formed, the four carbon molecule recats to Acteyl-Coa which completes the cycle. All aerobic organsisims such as humans use this cycle. Without this cyle, we would't be able to generate energy correctly.
The final cycle is the Electron Transport Train.It takes place in the Cristea of the micondria. We start with NADH and it goes to the first electron carrier and it seperates the hydrogreon from the elctrons,reducing NADH to NAD . The electrons are carried down even further to an enyzume called coenzyme. It takes a proton, then it too will carry on to the transport chain. Through aeorobic respiration, the last proteins move the electrons
(continued) to oxygen which is at the end of the transport chain where water is created.
The big question is, why does celluar respiration matter? Celluar respirtaion is importanat because it provides energy to every living organsim. We need it to nessary boldily functions for everyday life. Singed celled organsims do not need as much energy as multi celled. These organsims go through processses such as glycolisis or fermation to get their energy.
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