Mission Updates June, 2021

Praise God for Mathare Worship Centre and the bright light they are in the Mathare Valley Slum in Nairobi, Kenya!

Meet Pastor Steve Kariithi the weekend of June 5 and 6 at all 4 services at Calvary Worship Center. Then join us for a Mission Update and potluck on Saturday, June 12, from 1:30-3, in the Mid-High Room of the Student Building!

Project Nuru - Mathare Worship Centre Building Project

Praises & Prayer Requests for Kenya:

  • Project Nuru - Now that lockdowns have ended, please pray for Project Nuru, the plans to construct a new building on the property Mathare Worship Centre owns. They are currently meeting in half-tent buildings, but plan a building that will include a worship center, daycare, classrooms, and eating area.
  • COVID  - Please pray for Kenya as cases continue and a vaccination shortage is predicted due to India's surge.
  • Praise God the lockdown was lifted May 1. Most of the families in Mathare Valley are dependent on day labor for their food and rent. The lockdown caused great poverty and unrest.
  • High School Graduation - George, Peter, and Victor from Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope have completed their end of high school exams and are awaiting results. Please pray for peace and direction, as these results will determine their further education or job pathways. Pray for their future educations. George would like to study IT, and is already an amazing coder. Pray also for the young people who graduated last year: Geoffrey, who is studying organizational evaluation and Janet, who is in an agriculture program.
  • Kuza - Please pray for Pastor Steve to have wisdom as he works with the leaders of Hope's Promise and Mathare Worship Centre (MWC) to add more children to Kuza, their new relative-based care program! Pray for each family to understand and respond fully to the grace of God and grow in their relationships with Him. Pray for the leaders or MWC to know how best to disciple the families enrolled. Pray for funding to provide food, rent support, and education needs for these children.

Do you have a heart for local outreach? Cross Centered Records will be partnering with the CWC “Hadesh” Women’s Ministry and the CWC Food Pantry to worship, feed those in need, and share the hope of Jesus! Please pray for this outreach to be held on Saturday, June 26th at 10am at 1116 S. Nevada Ave!

His Safe Haven - Liberia

Praise God with us at the good report we received for His Safe Haven Village, which serves Liberian children who have special needs!

They are expanding the ministry and now provide love and care for 27 children. Their newest foster moms are widows or single mothers who are able to concentrate their affection and care on 4 or so children per house. Each mom provides daily devotions and teaching to the children, along with physical and occupational therapies. The children are thriving in this home environment! A cook team provides nutritious meals, a security and grounds team watches over the whole village, an agriculture program is beginning to farm the land around the homes, and directors, missionaries, and Physician Assistants provide excellent care and direction for the children.

Please pray for:

  • Many of the children are on the list to receive surgery from the Mercy Ship, which is scheduled to visit Liberia in January, 2022, after being delayed by Covid. Please pray for the ship to be able to go to Liberia and for the surgeries to be successful and provide relief for the children.
  • continued peace and provision for these children who are often considered cursed by the Liberian culture around them!
Schockeys - Juarez, Mexico

Nolan & Marie Schockey, CWC missionaries in Juarez, Mexico, shared that the number of migrants at the border have sharply risen again. Migrants from Guatemala are fleeing drought, those from Honduras and El Salvador are escaping gangs and cartels, and many others are coming from Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico. Most who are admitted to the USA are returned after their first appointment when they are not found to qualify for asylum.

Please pray:

  • for the migrants to encounter Jesus Christ when they meet the Schockeys and the Mexican men they have trained as pastors. They give the migrants food, water, and prayer. Pray that these desperate immigrants will find their ultimate hope in Jesus and not in entering the USA.
  • The ministry continues to feed 50-60 families every week as the economy in Juarez recovers from the lockdowns. Many people were unable to keep their usual construction, landscaping, or housework jobs in El Paso since the border closed to non-citizens.
  • The ministry will resume their summer VBS programs that were reduced due to Covid last year. Please pray for willing partners from the USA to come support those weeks of games, crafts, and the gospel!
Eddie & Barbie Broussard - The Navigators (Global)

Praise God with us for Eddie & Barbie Broussard's recovery from Eddie's double knee replacement with a kicker of Covid for both of them!

Praise Him also for the successful meeting with their Eurasia leadership. This was to prepare the leaders of The Navigator's Central Asia region to receive five new missionaries into areas that are closed to traditional missionaries. Pray for The Navigators & Eddie as they prepare leadership to receive and care for new missionaries, and new missionaries as they prepare to go and take the gospel to those who may never have heard the name of Jesus!

Praise God for the successful gathering of the International Executive Team in 9 days of 6-hour virtual meetings. Eddie was able to share the lessons on suffering he has been learning as he shared from the book of I Peter. He shares that he wants "... to see suffering as a normal way of life. When I suffer, I want to focus my attention on worshipping God for the eternal glory He is producing as I suffer. I can worship God and rejoice because my faith is being refined and will produce eternal glory to God when Jesus is revealed."

The team worked in areas such as:

  • how to grow local ministries in countries that are either closed to traditional missions or very strongly secular or of other religions
  • how to increase missionary sending from all over the world - both in terms of numbers and of the quality of training and character of the men and women they send

Please pray for:

  • The Global Student Program that will begin on June 11. 70 students from 14 countries are registered for this time of discipleship.
  • Continued wisdom for Eddie as he works on the next annual meeting of the International Executive Team to be held September 20-24.
Mike Parks - Northern Iraq & Lebanon

Praise God for the 1000 wheelchairs Mike Parks and his team have been able to distribute in Lebanon! These wheelchairs provide immediate care for those injured by last year's port explosion or other illnesses. They have also created a ministry using 40 of the wheelchairs to minister to those with temporary needs. This provides an ongoing opportunity to help the people of Lebanon and show them God's love.

Please pray:

  • Mike and his team are planning 2 pastors' conferences of two weeks each in Northern Iraq and Lebanon for August of this year. Please pray for the planning process - who will share, what they will share, who will come, where it should be held, and funding.
Matt & Noelle Harris - Uganda

Praise God that Matt & Noelle Harris, CWC missionaries in Uganda, have recovered from a recent bout with Covid. Thank Him also that the pastors they are training have finished the majority of Paul's epistles and will soon complete their study through the entire Bible.

Please pray:

  • A local 11 year old girl named Apio Cynthia recently joined their household. When she was three years old, Apio was hit by a car and presumed dead for a short time. Soon after that, two of her siblings also got hit on the village roadside (there were no serious injuries), and because of the deeply rooted superstition of the culture, all of the accidents were blamed on her, and she was labeled as cursed. For all of these years she has been left to raise herself because half of the village believes her to be cursed, and the other half thinks she is mentally handicapped and they consider her dead weight. The Harrises have tried to reconcile her to her family to no avail. Please pray as they work on establishing house rules. Apio has only ever known a life free from responsibility, order, and love, and it is hard for her to have boundaries. They aren’t sure if she will decide to stay with them permanently or be moved into a school for vulnerable children; but the choice is hers, since her parents have already fully renounced her. Please pray for Apio to trust their love and protection.
  • For Matt & Noelle to have strength and wisdom, and to fully recover their physical strength.
  • For BAM Enterprises (the business arm of the mission) to become fully self-sustaining.
  • For the churches to grow in love for God and man.
Janice Evans - Ukraine

Thank God for answering Janice Evan's prayers for the new church plant in Chornomorsk, Ukraine. All the chairs were completely filled at Easter. There was a church split in the town before Janice's team started planting this Calvary Chapel, and many people from both sides of the split attended Easter and had to sit next to each other due to the limited seating. Many stayed after the service and played games near each other in peace.

Please pray:

  • For the divided church members to forgive one another.
  • For the unchurched youth to come to faith as they visit the church.
  • For the people of Ukraine as it struggles with aggression from Russia.
  • For Janice as she works to renew her visa. Usually she would just travel across the border to get a new visa, but Covid complicates that plan. Please pray for a clear path and God's blessing on those efforts.
  • For Janice's friend who is leaving Ukraine to visit her original country. Pray for opportunities to share openly with her friend, who has professed Christ but recently seems to be straddling the fence with her old religion.
  • Pray for a family Janice ministers to. They recently learned their 6 year old daughter has a serious form of cancer that doesn't have good treatment available (& affordable) in Ukraine.
Calvary Worship Center Missions

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!