Possibility Mood Lady What's possible for you?

From the Mood Lady Card set. Card 30. Possibility:

Oh, you picked the Possibility card. Do you know what that means? That means you get to dip into ALL that is possible. If you've ever had a dream and been told to not get your hopes up and be realistic, then this card is for you. This card allows us to think of ALL the possibilities in any situation you'd like. Go ahead, go a little crazy with this! And remember that these are just the possibilities that you can think of. What about all those that you haven't even become aware of yet?

Possibility is a beautiful place to be. Have there been times in your life when something happened or you heard about something that you didn't even know was possible? Tap into these examples. Perhaps you'd like to make a list of impossible Possibilities - a great way to remind yourself that Possibility is always just around the corner.

Journey Questions

What happens inside of you when you start thinking about all the possibilities when it comes to a current situation or challenge? What are you inspired to do when you tap into all that is possible?


Created with images by JudiCBell - "silhouette aerialist female" . Mood Lady images by Debra Valentino.

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