Centenary University's Annual Spring Fashion Show 10 ensembles that got us living for senior's rising fashion careers

Street Serenade by Gianna Ross: An elegant handpainted denim duster showing both the severity of the streets and the elegant fury of womanhood.
Street Serenade by Giana Ross: The streets are a concrete safari to be braved by any woman in this two piece. Tomorrow's street wear is today's adventure.
Street Serenade by Gianna Ross: A warrior moves in silence like a tempered storm. This olive, monk sleeve hoodie carries both character, lethality and beauty in one simple statement.
Street Serenade by Giana Ross: Any legend begins with a Queen in determination. This hooded cerulean denim dress carries the regalia that could voyage a thousand ship
Street Serenade by Giana Ross: Confidence is a new shade of blue in these streets as we await the time for this midnight navy denim skirt and midnight navy denim extended shirt to make it our way.
Venatic by Nina Verissimo: How long is forever in this tuscan safari top for sportswear?
Eternal Divinity by Edanna Guaimano: A Queen waits for her kingdom, but a Goddess waits for no man as she bides her time and measures her faith in an elegant cream fleece sundress.
Dark Seduction by Jessica Martin: Evil can be as sweet as innocence in this vivid myriad pattern gown.
Eternal Divinity by Edanna Guaimano: Virginity and Purity are concepts for lesser men: sexuality can be untainted as well in this cosmic salmon gown of space, wind and acceptance.
Street Serenade by Gianna Ross: The streets have a mesmerizing music that encapsulate and reveals at the same time her overcropped athletic hoodie and patchwork skirt.
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Steven Underwood

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