The Sit n Spin who wouldn't want one?

My reasoning that this would be suitable for the intended audience, because it is fun for kids, it is portable, it attracts the eye, and who wouldn't want to spin in circles for their own amusement!

The design process started by creating a large cylinder as my base of the sit n spin with the dimensions as height segments: 1, cap segments: 13, and the sides: 49.

I then made a clone and resized it, but kept the original dimensions. Selected both cylinders and created them to be an editable poly's.

Still selected, I then deleted the necessary area in the middle and deleted them. Then go to the edge selection mode and select the edges of the cylinder and bridge them.

Front (top left), side(top right), upside down(bottom left), and bottom(bottom right)


Most of the references were directly from the notes that I took during class, and also from the email that was sent by the professor as guidance.


photo credits go to

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