working conditions in mexico by: dylan lopez

Many families can not make enough money on their own so they send out their kids to find jobs

Most of these people have families that don't have much but yet these parants do what they can to make their children happy. Mexicans only make 70 pesos an hour (their are only 19.47 pesos in a dollar).

people in Mexico are always working hard, lots of people say "lazy Mexican" but thats not at all true.

Cesar Chaves is a man who was fed up with horrible working conditions so he decided to take action and go on strike.

Many people followed Cesar and respected him. In 1968 Cesar decided that he had enough of the bad working conditions so he went on a hunger strike for 25 days.

America gets Tomatoes from Mexico, 7/10 of the Tomatoes come from Mexico.

Hopefully one day Mexicans get what they deserve

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