Dwight Schrute at Clemson A Journey by Helen Halter

Dwight Schrute has recently received his acceptance letter to become a Clemson Tiger and can barely contain his excitement about going to the best school in the country. As he arrives at Clemson, he sees many people who he can see himself manipulating to become a very popular figure around campus which will require his exquisite karate skills and mind-control with which he has had just the perfect amount of time to completely master.

Dwight's face right after receiving the news of his acceptance into Clemson.

As Dwight begins to adjust to campus life, he quickly becomes infuriated with the dining hall schedule and the food that is served (because it does not include the finest selection of beets that he is used to). He must change his mentality about the food options here at Clemson and find a healthy way to release his anger which he finds in football.

Dwight has an intense reaction to the lack of beets available.

As football season is picking up, Dwight quickly becomes a fan of the aggressive and dominating sport that so many people love to watch. He becomes a regular at all the home games and even tries to help coach the incredible talent here at Clemson. The eminence joy he feels when Clemson beats our rivals, University of South Carolina is unmatched by any feeling he has ever felt before. He immediately feels the need to tryout for the football team in order to show the other plays how to properly tackle other grown men as hard as possible.

Nothing could stop the joy that Dwight felt after the Clemson football team won.

Dwight finds deep sadness when football season is over, but is happy with the success of the team. He then focuses his attention on a fellow Clemson student, Angela. He finds his true love in her and gives up at nothing until she says yes to going to formal with him towards the end of the year. He goes out of his way to impress her and even practices his already mastered karate skills day in and day out by holding informative classes to teach self-defense to the other students at Clemson.

His intense efforts prove successful as he asks Angela to formal and she happily says yes!

Dwight and Angela enjoying formal.

Dwight ends the year and defines his first year experience at Clemson as and overwhelming success. He can't wait to come back and dominate the campus with his new girlfriend, Angela.

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