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Sally Ride


Sally in the Challenger

Sally Ride was an American Physicist and Astronaut. She started working for NASA in 1978, becoming the first American woman in space overall. She was also the youngest astronaut to have traveled into space, she did this at age 32 (As of 2017). Sally ride unfortunately died at the age of 61 in 2012 due to pancreatic cancer.

Quote: "I was always very interested in science, and I knew that for me, science was a better long-term career than tennis."

Fun Fact she was cremated and her ashes put next to her father's grave.

Sally Ride 1984

Dorothy Hamil

Born July 26, Current age 60

Hamill (right) Presenting Laura Bush (left) with the Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award

Quote: "I was a bratty little sister. I was the youngest of three, and I often felt as though I didn't fit in."

Dorothy Hamill is an American figure skating Champion. She was the roller skating Olympic champion in 1976 and 1976 World Champion in Ladies' Singles. She has won a total of 4 Amateur League Awards, 1 Professional Award, and 6 other awards relating to BSA, Emmy Awards, Hall of Fame, and her hometown skating rink named "Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink."

Carolyn G Heilbrun


Carolyn G Heilbrun was an American academic at Columbia University. She was also the first woman to receive tenure in the English department. She is known for writing a series of mystery novels. She had also taught English for more than thirty years. She was also subject to controversy in 1992 for accusing the Columbia English Department of discriminating against women.

Quote: “A literary academic can no more pass a bookstore than an alcoholic can pass a bar.”

Janet Brown

July 15, 1945 Currently 71 years old

(AKA My Grandma or Abuela or Abuelita)

My grandma is probably one of the best people on earth. She has a way of making me and my brother not fight. When I was little she often took us to the Children's Museum. During the Christmas season she likes to invite me and my brother over to bake Christmas cookies. Often when we stay over, we bake pizza or breadsticks or even a recipe we found on the internet. The only flaw is that she likes to talk for a long time. She also lives around Indianapolis making it a long drive.


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