The shift to value-based care, increasing government regulations and shrinking margins has put a strain on the entire healthcare industry.

Today, the financial realities of reimbursement rates and outpatient care put a significant emphasis on patient experience for healthcare organizations.

71% of healthcare organizations say that patient experience is their No. 1 priority.

The focus on patient experience pushes organizations to think about investments such as:

  • Facilities
  • Operations
  • Technology

These investments are important and transformational, but the true impact on patient experience is driven by your people.

Healthcare executives know the importance of talent, but your commitment must go beyond a mission or value statement.

To solve for the ongoing talent shortage in healthcare, leaders must look to engaging their employees and creating the right culture to consistently recruit top talent to their organizations.

With the growth of the 65-and-older demographic and continuing talent shortages, there is tremendous pressure on healthcare organizations to deliver.

The healthcare industry needs leaders who look at this immense challenge as an opportunity.

The communities you serve and the people you employ are depending on you more than ever.

1,000,000 new registered nurses will be needed by 2022.

As organizations try to cope with these challenges, they often start by building internal recruiting capabilities. This can work, but it is often a short-term solution. At some point, the increasing vacancies and longer times to hire strain health systems, hospitals and clinics, and require a different approach.

There is an alternative for the healthcare industry: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

RPO works as an extension of your human resources team, partnering with you to support some or all of your talent acquisition process.

It is a solution that can be tailored to each unique need of healthcare organizations, to match your culture and deliver your desired results and outcomes.

An RPO partnership can help healthcare organizations improve quality of hire and control the cost of patient care.

Hiring within the healthcare field is unique, and experience with both clinical and non-clinical roles is essential.

The skill and expertise to be able to step into the wide variety of healthcare hiring challenges that organizations face are not built overnight. It takes years of experience to get a well-rounded team that can meet the acute needs of this industry.

Cielo Healthcare offers an RPO partnership and other workforce solutions, designed for health systems, hospitals and clinics.

We put our experience to work for an industry we are passionate about. Leading organizations continue to partner with us because we believe in the power of people to heal patients, change lives and improve their communities.

We have the breadth and depth of experience to deliver the critical people your organization needs. We do not simply source talent, we focus on attracting and delivering people who make a difference for your organization.

For us, that means not just anticipating your requirements and delivering on time and on budget, but also with the quality talent your patients need and deserve.

Cielo Healthcare has helped healthcare organizations successfully grow and thrive in this competitive and changing environment.

We are passionate about the connection between great people and a great patient experience.