Post-progressive crossover rock duo

Lastbullet are: Carlos Ribera (7-string bass), Samy Doreau (drums)


photo credits: Ellie VdB



The band started as London based spanish bassist Carlos Ribera's solo project. After years of playing for other bands (Ryan Webb, Terroristars, Imaginary Dreamers), he decided to work again on his own songs.

Music with a more post-progressive and crossover approach, mostly instrumental, where bass guitar plays a more important role. A first single and music video, "Jupiter", was released in June 2017, with a full band line-up, using guest and session musicians.

In November 2017, he records three more tracks, this time using only a 7-string bass guitar and drums. His former bandmate on Imaginary Dreamers, Samy Doreau, records the drum parts and joins the project as a permanent drummer.

The songs come from a need to create more diverse rock music, open to influences from all kind of other genres, such as flamenco or metal. An outlet for creative freedom, without being constrained by genre limitations or song structures and trends. Just music.

All tracks recorded in East London and St. Albans by Antonio Parejo, mixed and mastered by Antonio Parejo, except "Jupiter", recorded and mixed in Uxbridge by Ryan Webb, mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema).

All songs written by Carlos Ribera

Carlos Ribera: 7-string bass, guitars on "Jupiter"

Samy Doreau: drums on all tracks except "Jupiter"

Pedro Zapata: guest vocals on "Jupiter"

Hugo Terva: guest drums on "Jupiter"

Ryan Webb: guest guitars on "Jupiter"

Luis Pinedo: guest guitars on "Jupiter"

Cover art: Monster Rat


photo credits: Ellie VdB (1, 3, 7, 9, 14, 16, 18), David Landi (4, 15), Dill Tasker (5, 11)



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