OUR COMMUNITY HOUSE Co-working for people who want to create a new era of social change

Our Community House will bring together leading not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to rethink how change is made in Australia.

Building on our extensive experience in the social sector, Our Community is building a community of forward-thinking organisations (large and small) to create a new era of social change. Join us!

It's a challenging and exciting time in the social sector.

Demographic shifts, tougher funding requirements, increased compliance demands, political upheavals and incessant technological changes push and pull at us at an increasing rate. Is your organisation able to respond? Are you thriving, or just surviving? Importantly, do you have the ability to collect, understand and put to work your important data?

Our Community House can help.

Our Community House will provide a space where not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises, peak bodies, government agencies and socially minded businesses work together alongside academics, data scientists and communications professionals in the quest for faster and more effective social change.

Our Community House will deliver a modern working space, incorporating shared and private spaces, places to meet, eat, train and celebrate. A space where clever, passionate people are brought together by a common desire to create a better world. It will foster a fundamentally different work culture, one that respects its employees' desire for an authentic life balance, while offering the opportunity to shape the world, and help others to do the same.

For too long young social innovators, bursting with ambition and ideas, have been dismissed as naïve and flighty, while old social change warriors and organisations full of experience and wisdom, have been sniffed at as stale or out of touch – we believe both groups have something powerful to offer, and are more powerful still when they work together.

Our Community House will combine the enthusiasm and social smarts of youth with the hard-won wisdom of veteran social sector campaigners to create the sort of change that builds a more functional, cohesive, inclusive society.

Let’s turn on the lights.

The social sector is the engine room of positive social change in our society. We can't allow it to work in the dark.

Advances in data science provide the opportunity to cast a new light on what works to create social change. When shaped by deep domain knowledge, the potential of data science to help guide social change is endless.

Our Community House will demonstrate that improving the research, data and communications capabilities of high-performing effective social sector organisations can accelerate structural change.

Let's come together.

Not-for-profits are used to getting by with second-rate facilities, equipment and resources, but we think that needs to stop. We’re creating a world-class space with a dedicated team of passionate experts, driven to improve the data and communications capabilities of your organisation.

Co-locating will foster an ethos of collaboration and innovation that will ensure great ideas and tools can fan out across the sector.

Most importantly, it will see social sector organisations meeting, learning, and collaborating with other not-for-profits and businesses to create lasting social change.

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