Home Again By: John Farnandez

In the summer of 2017, Ayodele Cole an 11th grader from Providence Day School had a very rare occurrence happen to his nanny. His nanny named Michelle Jacome was deported back to Ecuador after forgetting to fill out some papers.

Jacome had been living in the US for 10 years and was married to a US Citizen who worked for La Noticia. A spanish newspaper. They had been married for about 7 years and she hasn’t had that many issues with immigration. She was also 4 months pregnant which made the situation even worse since her husband wanted his kid and Jacome to stay in the US.

Jacome has to give some papers to the government every year, but she forgot to fill them out. She was then taken to court because they were worried she was lying and wasn’t supposed to be in the US. The Judge escalated the situation when he said that there was a chance that she would be deported back to Ecuador.

Jacome was a very close to Ayodele and the people around the Ayodele’s neighborhood. Once the information reached Ayodele’s neighborhood and his parents they started to submit documents confirming her ability to stay here. They tried to do everything they could but nothing worked and she was eventually sent back to Ecuador.

Ayodele and his family were sad to see a good friend have to get deported back to where they were born. Ayodele was upset since his parents wouldn’t let him stay at home by himself so he was sent to a three week college experience.

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