JROTC Field Day By brennan Lotz

Saturday, Oct. 16. Legacy JROTC hosted the annual JROTC field day where Legacy, Lake Ridge, Timberview, and Summit JROTC programs competed in a friendly contest consisting of eight separate events.

Legacy JROTC cadets Liam Ahern, 9, and Trevor Ledet, 10, stand in formation before their first field day in two years after Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

The only reason this field day was possible is because of our Military Career Councilors encouraging, leading and refereeing cadets through all events.

Military Career Councilors assisting cadets through their events.

The first event was the human tunnel. The human tunnel is performed by all cadets in a pushup position, and from left to right the cadets crawl through the human tunnel until the last person has gone.

Cadet Kaleb Johnson, 9, competes in the human tunnel.

Major Johnson encourages his cadets to perform well during the human tunnel.

Legacy JROTC prepares to begin the human tunnel.

The second event is was the Ski Relay where two teams of four must move in unison to bring the ski 25 yards and back in the fastest time possible. Legacy JROTC closed the distance and came first in this event.

Cadets Augustin Castillo, 12, Isaiah Horton, 10, Joey Thogmartin, 9, Wyatt Jones, 10, (boys) and cadets Joy Atkens, 9, Yaslin Colegial, 9, Jenna Trevino, 10, and Ivy Pope, 9, (girls) compete in the Ski Relay.

The third event consists of three sections, curl ups, push ups, and chin ups. The goal is to get as many reps possible in a one minute time period. All schools performed exceptionally but fell just short to Lake Ridge JROTC.

William Holland, 10, Isaiah Horton, 10, and Ivy Pope, 9, perform push-up, sit-up, and chin-up events.

Legacy JROTC then competed in Tug of War. The rules are simple: pull the opposing side across the cone. All teams gave 110% but none could take down Timberview.

The fifth event was the wheelbarrow race. Cadets hold their teammate's legs, while the other cadet would run on their hands, and then switch and return to the start after switching positions with their teammate.

Kevin Seibel, 11, supports Tristian Russel, 9, in the wheelbarrow race.

The duffle bag sprint was the sixth event of JROTC Field Day. This event is comprised of 5 cadets lifting a 45 pound, awkward duffle bag, and sprinting 25 yards, then turning around and passing it off to the next cadet in line.

Luis Ramirez, 12, Aidan Daugherty, 12, and Joey Thogmartin, 9, compete in the Duffle Bag Relay

In the seventh event cadets had to carry "litters" in teams of five, with four cadets supporting the litter, and one cadet simulating an injured soldier.

In the eighth event, four cadets ran a 100-yard relay race. This event is all about overall speed and correctly setting up your teammate when it is their turn to race.

Joy Atkens, 9, and Isaiah Horton, 10, compete in the 100-yard relay.

Major Johnson briefs Military Career Councilors on the events of the field day.

Major Johnson demonstrates each event before the field day begins.

Major Johnson encourages the Bronco Battalion during one of the many events in the field day.

"I am just overjoyed for the opportunity to go back to our annual MISD JROTC field day, and it is great to have the cadets fellowship and friendly competition. I am so proud of every single cadet here today."

Major Johnson, Legacy High School JROTC.

"JROTC taught me about responsibility, loyalty, basic things everyone needs. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Of course, there are formalities, but we are mainly here to learn and have fun."

Battalion Commander, Luis Ramirez, 12, JROTC. (left)

"Great turnout for today's field day, every school gave 110%. It was an honor to be a part of today's event, and I was impressed with everyone's performance. If you want more than just a job, that will literally take you places, think of the Navy. Whether it's 20 or just four years, the benefits are unmatched to anything you will ever do. If you are interested in traveling the world the Navy will provide views no one has ever experienced."

Petty Officer Saenz 1st Class, Navy. (left)

"To anyone considering a life changing career that is going to challenge you in ways beyond belief, both good and bad, that is what not only the Air Force, but the military in general has to offer. Every branch has it's own purpose and they all serve it very well. Less than 1% of American population gets the chance to serve the country and do something unique with their lives."

SSGT Giarea, Air Force.

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