Japanese Interment Camps

No the U.S. should not have placed Japanese-Americans in, interment camps. The bombing on Pearl harbor in document two was from actual Japanese people, not from Japanese descendants. They pledged their loyalty, the attack on pearl harbor happened about a conflict from the U.S. to Japan not the U.S. to Japanese Americans
In document four, it states what the fourth amendment does. It makes everyone child born in America, an automatic U.S. citizen. Why would they put AMERICAN citizens in, interment camps when they did nothing? They might as well have put the whole west coast in the camps also.
It was morally wrong to do what they did. They had people who never even knew what Japan was like and people who had pledged loyalty to the U.S. be killed because of this internment camp. THEY DID NOTHING! They were not involved, there was no proof Japanese-AMERICANS were involved in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. That punishment was immorally stupid, along with a lot of other decisions the U.S. does.


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