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speak is a great book to read! Speak is a great book to read because the events in the story can happen in real life everyday thing or properties of the events. Rapes happen world wide just about all the time. Yes people this isn't a shock it's not new. here are some quotes from the book... "Nothing clubs are stupid.want some popcorn?" so what melinda the main character is saying is that she doesn't want to be noticed or stand out she wants to stay in here shell that's an quote from the book#1. #2,"we are nobody." it's kind of sounding like she doesn't want to be a part of society anymore she feels dirty after that happened to her.#3 "we are here to help u..." Melinda doesn't trust anyone anymore not after that incident that night when she was 13 years of age. #4, "Aren't you the one who call the cops at kyle rodgers party at the end of summer?" Well at this moment she was paralyzed frightened at the mention of the party of where it happened and her friend wasn't there to stop the monster to help her. this resembles women around the world this happens almost in everyday life...

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