Texas reconstruction 1866 By: Wil helgren & FlYnn Kenny

When Abraham Lincoln had thoughts about reconstruction they weren't going to be the same as Andrew Johnson. When Abraham Lincoln was president he wanted to start reconstruction straight away.

Reconstruction begins: Reconstruction is getting two country's to join into one big country. It needed to happen so the country's could join back together, the south was in ruins and the north is the only way for them to help. Both the country's were in ruins after the war.

Two presidential plans: Lincolns plan for reconstruction was going to reunite the sates so that it could be back to normal and start in 1863. Lincoln got assassinated in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. Johnson thought that southerners should follow a plan that they wanted to follow. He also thought that African Americans were unsble to manage their own lives.

New Texas governor: Andrew Johnson chose Andrew J. Hamilton because he was part as the union and rejected Johnsons plan for reconstruction. The original states attended except for Rhode Island. Yes, the convention was bias because there was so many unionists at the convention.

Slavery Ends in Texas: Gordon granger is a man has been given command of the army in Texas. He has been sent by the union to inform Texas that slavery is now illegal. Juneteenth is when the north officially banned slavery. Many freed African American slaves were celebrating on the streets. Some of the activities they did were dancing, singing, and playing music.

A New Constitution: Us officials have just updated the constitution, it is called the constitution of 1866. This constitution states that the union has to choose confederate leaders and people had to take an oath to the union to be able to vote. And when they took control they didn't allow African Americans to vote. But this brings up people called black coats who basically just kill African Americans who want to vote, and anyone helping them.

Freedmen get the vote: the freed men's bureo registered freedmen to be able to vote. Unfortunately not many freedmen actually voted. The reason they didn't vote was because of the kkk. The kkk is a group of radical republicans who don't want African Americans to vote or have any right. They also wore with robes and pointy hats. The kkk hates carpet bagers and scalywags because they want to help African Americans get estaboloshed in the world.

Congress takes control: congress feels like Johnsons plan isn't working because the south hasn't really changed and isn't listening to Johnson. Radical republicans are hard core republicans who are really serious about slavery. They gained controlled by not listening to the government and doing there own thing.

Radical reconstruction: Congress plan for reconstruction was to get rid of the black codes and wanted to be fair with both sides (north and the south). Military districts are formations of a states armed forces and are responsible for a certain territory. The ironclad Oath was a key to removing ex confederates from the political area during reconstruction.

Reconstruction ends: reconstruction ended in 1877. White people were mad about the slaves being able to have a normal life as the white people. They didn't like that so then segregation is going to start up. Most people lived west because of the natives who were east of them. People live west because natives would steal,burn and kill people and their belongings.

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