Letter to Dr. Sullivan by Alex Reyes

One of the Best English teacher i know

Dear Dr. Sullivan,

Throughout this semester i have learned a lot in your class. One thing is i never thought a essay could be written by adding images. i thought writing would always be a blank paper with words on it. You showed me that writing is not only a blank screen on a laptop but its a writing style where you can make it your own. Adding images and headers and links to it. I have learned in your class that a image can have a million reasons. When it came down to writing an essay on which was locating a real-world community was a difficult one for me. As easy as it sounds its not that simple there are many topics that are hard to explain. to narrow it down to one particular person or community gets you thinking of a right example to use and find information towards it. Since i missed a couple of days because of traveling back home i didn't get to learn the break down of locating a real-world community. The small amount of days i was there to learn a little about it i learned a lot the way the book described it to us and the way you showed us on the board made sense.

A little Getting Used too

When it came down to Adobe Spark it took a little time getting used too. it took me a little messing around with it to get a feel of it and understand certain things on it. Like i said before i never thought when writing essays i could add pictures so it was something new for me. Even in the moment you said you wanted to implement a new style of writing in which you could add pictures i was up for it. i didn't have a problem adding pictures to my essay to catch the readers attention. Adding videos to my essay was a bonus i wanted to experiment and see what i could learn from it. i believe i did i great job on using this different practices when it came too (Digital Composition). Essay one was a little rusty but after that i started to get the hang out writing essays with pictures on it.

My Strengths

Honestly, revising my essays was never my thing. I could never revise my essay and find errors only small ones. My strengths were researching on my topic and finding information about it. I could narrow down to one topic and find real life examples of people speaking. For example like i did on my essay 2 when i found a story of a mother that was in a detention facility with her kids. The short answer assignments that you gave us to read different articles and write about them helped me towards my essays that you gave us. Like the picture below shows studying helps a lot

Need Improvement

I believe i need to improve in my revision and proof reading a little more. When writing my essay i tend to write without proof reading. I need to pay more attention to proof reading and apply it more often when writing.

Group Working

If one thing i have learned a lot from it would be group work. Every class you spend time teaching us and breaking down different approaches to writing an essay. You give us examples and asks us to interact and after get our input. Even though some of my class mates are shy to ask about more input towards what you are teaching once you put us in groups i learn more. I tend to ask them what kind of approach do they take or if they could describe it to me more of what we are learning and i tend to understand it once they give me more information. Group work helps me to understand my work more clearly and implement what i learn from my classmates to my writing. So if i can suggest something i would say group work helps a lot and keep doing it.


Alex Reyes


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