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Starting your own business or already in distribution or wholesale business. We offer direct supplies from Factories across Asia, primarily for Glass Crafts, Pipes and Smoking Category products .

Leafboxes - 25 designs to choose from


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We understand the needs of business since 1999. Servicing some major brands and distributors in USA and Europe has given us an insight to what is needed. Mainly Quality Service mixed with an eye for Art!
We understand the need for Art. And the importance of pricing. Inspirational Art can come from anywhere. Even remote hidden areas. Art has no boundaries. The feel how our 2017 catalog is curated speaks of it all. And the efforts we go through to source the right product at right price.
At the Factory you will find Accessories and Generic products as well. Our exciting Pack offers are the regular mass moving items that you need to fill up those stores.
Ready Pack offers you assortment cases of generic products. And the Prices are great for you and your bulk customers.

Products and services

Glass Tasters-Best sellers this Season.

Our glass concentrate tasters 3-inches long. They have been Best Sellers a nd have been most in demand this season.. they come in wide assortment wholesale Packs in Dichroic Gold or Silver Fumes..

Assorted Bowls in 14mm and 19mm. Another very Popular item. Demand has been constant.

Novelty pipes

Wide range of popular Animal Pipes, Wood Pipes, Dugouts, Accessories. The experience is complete . You can order complete warehouse at one location. Custom Production can also be done of your specific items.

Animal Glass pipes- Elephant is the most popular of all designs and comes in various qualities, shapes n sizes.

Waterpipes n more

Arty waterpipe bongs or Large pieces of clear glass. Recyclers, Dab, Oil or Dry Bongs .Sizes start at 6 inches and goes up to 20 inches. Look up our waterpipe selection for bestselling simple waterpipes.

Nano water pipes- this 7 inch is all handmade

Speciality pipes

Glow in the Dark, UV Pipes, Inspired Art pipes. The Range goes on. Wood Pipes, Grinders n more.

WaterPipe Collection- Glow in the Dark. Look up for Assortment on these in our Pack Offers

factory deals

Look out for our Pack Offers and Factory Deals

Pack Offers n Factory Deals - 3 inch , 4 inch Pipes, Glass Bats n more

If you want to know more about Factory, get in touch with us. There is a lot we can do together. Distribute, Wholesale, Manufacture, Create! Start up with us, with our new Catalog 2017.

FACTORY DIRECT- Leaf Enterprise GST compliant (previously Continental supplies India)

Contact us . Catalog New 2017


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