Canbury School Newsletter 2nd July 2021. Issue 240 - GOODBYE Ms CLANCY

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Welcome to my last edition of the Canbury School Newsletter. Did I really just type that?! As is customary for the last day of the school year, it's a mainly pictorial one. However, I couldn't let this edition wing its way into your in-boxes without a few words......

It has been a strange week with lots of ‘lasts’ for me. Final meetings with parents, a final hug from Mr Chase, the last Talent Show, last Sports Day, last Garden Party and finally, my last ever Prize Giving with you.

I have received so many lovely cards and letters from students, parents and staff that I really thought my heart would break from reading them all. Thank you to everyone for the time and thought that went into every kind word.

To my students, if you don’t already know it, and I think I have told you all so many times, you are all the most wonderful young people I have ever worked with.

You have lifted my heart every day with your sense of fun, your kindness, your resilience and your determination to overcome differences to become the amazing, talented young people who I know and love very much.

I want you to always remember that when you feel you can’t, you’ll have a memory of me saying, “you can, maybe not today but eventually you will” and know that I will forever be hugely proud of you all and your achievements.

Canbury has a certain inexplicable kind of magic in it and I instantly fell under its spell when I first walked through the door. The magic is simply that Canbury loves its children and enables them to be the very best version of themselves thanks to all the staff who teach and support them.

I have loved every second being Headmistress of Canbury School, through all the good times and even through these more recent challenging ones. These last seven years have been the best adventure of my career and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to have spent them with you.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

All of you. Each and every one.

La Comida espanola estupenda.

Our thanks to the staff of The Pottery tapas bar and restaurant in Kingston who welcomed our Spanish students to a truly wonderful lunch time experience last Friday. Mrs Porter says it was an absolutely superb school visit, with a delicious marriage of good food, excellent company, amazing effort in Spanish communications skills and FUN! And after the last 16 months we've all had, there's no better end of term activity than sitting down together to eat, drink and be merry.

Proud and loud - we had a ball on Tuesday.

Canbury was awash with colour on Tuesday. The money raised from our awareness day will go to Pride in London, whose mission is to celebrate and provide a platform for LGBT+ people from all backgrounds. The Pride in London's Unity Fund is a new initiative which will distribute one-off grants to grassroots organisations that are advocating for and addressing the needs of the LGBT+ community throughout the UK – both in times of crisis and every day. In the event we raised just over our target of £150, so very well done to everyone and to Otti and Hannah for getting us organised.

Sports Day extravaganza at Kingsmeadow.

Hot on the coat tails of England's thrilling defeat of Germany at Wembley on Tuesday evening, the 2021 Canbury Sports Day was equally, neigh more, thrilling. From shot put and javelin, to high jumps, sprinting and crawling through hoops, Mr Barnes ensured there was something for EVERYONE. After the disappointment of so many cancelled events it was joyous, as you can see from these happy photographs. Well it was joyous for most people - Ms Chorazyczewska appeared to have a few issues.....

Our re-imagined Garden Party - we didn't imagine it would be as good as it was!

Our Garden Party went off in splendid style yesterday afternoon. From splat the rat to the adult-only alcohol tombola, from the cake stall to the lucky dip, the hoop lar, the tin can alley and sponge the member of staff, we all had fun. But some staff just had to keep working - no rest for the wicked. Can you spot them in these photos?

All the world's a stage don't you know!

This week the Year 7s performed a spoof script of a 1940s American Melodrama, "The Perils of Pauline". Mr Batten says he was so impressed with the massive progress they have all made as drama practitioners. "They started this year as shy little mumblers and now they are owning the stage, projecting their voices and creating specific characters," he says. "In addition they were all ably assisted on their way by Ethan's props and Sam S's excellent work on SFX which really added to the atmosphere. Well Done!"

Earlier this morning at Canbury - no need for words!

Final end of term notices.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead staff, 1st Mrs Rich and 2nd Ms Boggi will be contactable by email throughout the Summer holiday for safeguarding concerns via the safeguarding@canburyschool.co.uk This is for safeguarding only.

School year 2021 - 2022 begins as follows:

Friday 3rd September - Sixth Form and Year 7.

Monday 6th September - Whole school.

(Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd September - Staff Inset Days.)

That's it folks! Happy holidays!