Fish Field House, Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA

Project Category : College/University

Total Construction Cost : N/A

Total Gross Square Feet : 115,700

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : N/A

How was the facility funded? : Private donations

Project Description:

The athletic field house and strength and conditioning facility at Boston College is a significant addition to the Football and Recreation Sports programs on campus and not only fills a critical need to accommodate indoor playing space for these programs that benefit many students during the inclement weather in New England but serves as an important recruitment tool for the Athletics program. This project was designed and constructed through a design-build delivery method and is located adjacent to Alumni Stadium and Yawkey Center, the home base for the Colleges athletic program along with locker rooms and support spaces for all teams. Seen as an extension of the established athletic buildings in this area of campus, the field house was designed to be connected and in keeping with the language and context of these buildings.

The Field House contains a synthetic turf surface large enough to support an NCAA full-size football field with a 20-foot run-off space on all sides. During the design process, ARC worked closely with the contractor to develop the large volume elements such as the exterior envelope and the long-span trusses to ensure that they supported and reinforced the design intent while being fabricated in the most cost-effective manner. Similar collaborations with the team created efficiency for other trades such as the curtainwall design and MEP systems. The field house also contains a state-of-the-art video and audio system that includes a high definition screen in the space that can offer instant playback during practices while multiple cameras feed into the video control room. The 11,000 GSF strength and conditioning facility will allow the Football program to have an upgraded space for the athletes that is equivalent to facilities at their ACC peer schools. The facility also has a welcoming lobby that serves as a Hall of Fame for past athletic successes. In addition, the program includes support spaces such as coaches offices, sports medicine suite, hydration room and football equipment room.

The exterior materials for the field house were selected to be contextual and in keeping with the campus context of a strong red brick language with cast stone details. Due to the scale of the main volume, specific detailing and elements such as reveals, cornices and a watertable were incorporated to break down the scale. Metal panel and a more modern approach to detailing was done at the strength and conditioning facility to define a more pedestrian scale of program and a current, forward thinking, football program.

The finishes in the lobby, offices and sports medicine suite are in keeping with the campus aesthetic of warm neutral tones and cherry wood. The consistency of the finishes creates a cohesive feel across all of the athletic spaces and enhances the inspiring program that the school has built for all their athletics. Daylight studies were done throughout the design process in order to accurately model the sun paths and shadows moving across the playing surface so the design team could appropriately place clear and opaque glazing to avoid direct shadows on the playing surface which negatively affect the playability.

Floor Plans