Final Reflection - Reddin - wreddin20 Openness, PERSISTENCE, Creativity, ENGAGEMENT

Journey logs have been a great way of reflecting on each week of class. My journey logs have shown my process and how I have changed throughout the semester. At first I really dreaded journey logs. My initial specialization was a warrior, this specialization required students to write a bit more for each assignment. I thought this would be one of the easier specializations, but I soon learned I did not enjoy writing so much so often. But, as I mentioned in my first journey log, I was very relieved that I got Chris as a teacher, because he turned the class into a video game. While many in the class may have not liked this idea, it really helped me get through this English class. In the past (high school) English was one of my least favorite subjects, if not my least favorite. When i came to Clemson and had to sign up for an English class, I was not too excited. I will also admit that I was a little bit timid at first with the idea of the class being designed like a video game but I was open to the idea as I dabble in the world of video games myself which brings me to my first habit of mind that was important to me, as discussed in my first journey log, openness.

However, being a warrior, I was still tasked with writing a lot and the video game part had not really come into effect yet so I had some difficulties. I discussed this in my second Journey log which brings me to my second most substantial habit of mind: persistence. I knew the fun was soon to come, when we got to play Minecraft ( a game I had logged many hours in on the Xbox360 before) and knew there was a specialization where almost all of the work was in Minecraft: Builder. Knowing this, I had to be persistent and sustain interest in the early parts of the semester.

Once we were finally able to use the builder specialization, I started to have a lot of fun of with the class. Instead of writing large chunks of texts every week for Journey logs and other assignments, I then began to be able to toy around in Minecraft and do what I enjoyed doing so much with my friends in high school. Building structures and other things in Minecraft is fun, but it takes creativity, which brings me to my third most important habit of mind. I really started to realize the importance of this when we got into our groups and I was no longer just building with instruction and guidance, but I know had to shift and build, for example, our group in the classroom or things similar to that. I really realized this in Journey Log 8, but this also brought me to realize my fourth most important habit of mind.

Working in our groups towards the end of the year made me realize the importance of engagement. This was the focal point of my ninth journey log as I had come to realize I, along with others, was no longer on my own, but had to work with my group in order to finish our assignment. We had to hold each other accountable, while finishing our individual assignments as the same time. Towards the end of the year things got tougher as the work load increased. We had individual and group work and for this reason we had to stay engaged in order to finish our assignments in a timely manner and in order to do well on them.

As the year comes to an end and we reflect on all that we have done I can honestly say that this class has been the biggest surprise to me of any class that I have ever taken, and I mean that in a good way. Coming into this class I thought it would be my least favorite class of the semester (Ha! That ended up being accounting for sure!), if not of my Clemson career, simply because I had always dreaded English class. But, the way that Chris taught the class allowed me to actually enjoy writing as I could write about things I actually enjoyed. Also playing Minecraft was a huge bonus. In the end I can honestly say I had fun and enjoyed the class.


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