The Switch

Paul was your average Verizon Wireless customer. Day by day, he suffered through the hardships of having an unreliable phone service company.

His calls always ended halfway through conversations.

His texts always sent five minutes too late.

His internet connection was never strong.

His life began to fall apart. His family could no longer stand to talk to him because he was always scratchy on the other end of the line. His wife felt ignored after having to wait too long for a text reply. His boss couldn't give him instructions over the phone because neither one could hear each other.

One day, he decided he had simply had enough. Fed up with dropped calls and messages that would never send, Paul decided to make a change that would change his life forever.

Needless to say, choosing Sprint was a decision that Paul never regretted. After switching phone companies, his life turned around for the better. Instead of having phone conversations being split up by terrible phone connection, he was able to have long conversations with family and friends.

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