Shakespeare By isaiah Gomez

Shakespeare's work

Question- How did Shakespeare impact the art of theatre to this day

Thesis- Shakespeare influenced the world in his early life, middle life, and later life

Early Life

"Shakespeare used language of startling originality to portray many-sided characters and tell fascinating stories"(Lander).Shakespeare's form of writing in plays was important to how plays would be written in today's theater. His form was so unique that it would change the perspective of theater. This shows that through his early life he affected theater in many ways.

"By 1612, Shakespeare had become England’s most successful playwright"(Lander). Shakespeare's plays for so famous in England that he became the best play writer. He would soon be world renowned for his plays. This quote shows how early in his career he would already impact theater greatly to this day.

"Shakespeare often writes so ill that you hesitate to believe he could ever write supremely well.… There are passages in his work in which he reaches such heights of literary art as since his time no mortal has found accessible"(Henley). This quote says that when he was writing his plays, he would write in such a specific way that no person would be able to believe that he would write it. This shows that in his early years in the theater business he would find himself known for the way he wrote his plays. This explains how he effected theater to this day through his early years.

Middle Life

"When we go see a play, it is the movement of the words rather than the movement of the scenery that delights us"(Anderson).This quote shows that when watching his plays, viewers were moved by the words rather than the scenery of the theater. This quote shows how Shakespeare's middle life of plays moved people through words and only words, this would inspire many plays to this day based on Shakespeare's plays.

"It is important that we understand Shakespeare's theater because it influenced how he wrote his plays"(Anderson). This quote says that there was more to the process of writing a good play and Shakespeare showed that through his plays. This shows that through his middle life, Shakespeare was able to show that there's more to writing a good play, and affected the way plays are written to this day.

"This was the age of print and the 'New Learning', of translation and dissemination, of Magellan and Drake, of the beginnings of modern history writing and the creation of a new past for the newly Protestant kingdom of England"(Shakespeare). This quote is explaining that Shakespeare always knew what he was doing when he wrote his plays and started a new way of writing plays.This quote shows how his middle life affected theater to this day by showing his way of how his plays were written.

Later Life

"Royal Shakespeare company is an English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of William Shakespeare and other playwrights of his time, modern classical dramas, and new works" (Shakespeare). The Shakespeare company is just one of many reasons of his use of plays after death. His work was so good that others still continued to live on his legacy he has left in the world. This shows how in his later life he impacted the world of theater greatly.

"Scholars from all parts of the world come to the Folger Shakespeare Library for research in Shakespeare studies, history, and literature" (Scholars). This quote is saying that library is so filled with books on Shakespeare that people around the world who study Shakespeare come to that library. This shows that Shakespeare was so important that so many books are about him. This shows that through his whole life in the work of theater that he is still being studied and people still seem to be fascinated with his work to this day, this shows how Shakespeare affected theater to this day through his later life.

"Since his death, Shakespeare's plays have been almost continually performed, in non-English-speaking nations as well as those where English is the native tongue; they are quoted more than the works of any other single author"(Lander). This is explaining how after Shakespeare's death, his plays still continued to flourish around the world. This quote tells how Shakespeare has affected people so much that it is even showed places around the world.

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