Drive to Win 2018 IWF Champions

Most woodworkers don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about screws. So how can we capture their attention for just a few minutes?

We started Drive to Win as a way to give customers a chance to drive Quickscrews in-person at tradeshows. At this year's IWF in Atlanta, we featured our 1-1/4" Phillips and Square Drive Type 17 Assembly screws to show how users can drive through various hardwoods without having to drill a pilot hole. Participants raced against each other to drive 10 screws in a straight line the fastest. We partnered with Worx® to promote their new Switchdriver™ tool, allowing users to switch quickly between our Quickscrews Phillips and Square Drive Insert Bits. Each winner received a free Switchdriver™.

"High quality fasteners, delivered fast. What more do you want?" - Gary Spkyman, Spykman Design
2018 IWF Quickscrews Crew

Thank you to all our participants (over 100 people this year!) and congrats to the 25 winners below.

Joshua Schaake - Reclaimed Rustic Woodworks • Herb Waldner - Grand River Woodworking • Ray Miller - Keim Lumber Co. • Carlos Anaya - Jay Cox Construction LLC • Robby Dubea - Center Fixture Operations • Mark Chapman - Toppan Interamerica, Inc. • Josh Simpson - Simpson Construction • Ben Danne - B&D Cabinets • Marty Debrock - B&B Door • Shaun Green - Hobbyist • William - Hobbyist • Andrew Horning - JZ Horning Tables & Chairs • Ruben Kleinsasser - Springfield Woodworking • Harold Carpenter - Carpenters Woodworks • Myron Ebersole - Custom CNC Components • Durant Ebersole - Custom CNC Components • Rubens Terci - RT22 Creations • Korie Frank - Caperton Furniture Works LLC • Matthew Cook - Cook Custom Cabinets • Jered Hunsberger - H&S Builders • Jared Cooper - Custom Cabinets & Countertops Inc. • Eugene Beiler - Beiler Custom Cabinets • Phillip Stoll - Stolls Woodworking LLC • Michael Beiler - Beiler Custom Cabinets • Angelo Ebersole - Custom CNC Components

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