Change Perspectives Lensbaby Diary

Recently I bought a Lensbaby Composer Pro and started playing around with it. Mounted on my old Canon EOS 600D, using Magic Lantern Software for easier reviewing of sharp areas and a 50mm Sweet Spot Optic the results are quite surprising.

New Danube

A couple of days below zero made the rivers an attraction for old and young.

...is this really stable?

Old Danube

Using the Lensbaby you have the chance to guide the eye and the attention of your audience to specific areas in your pictures for...

...easy story telling. Take your time.
Or you are using Lensbaby straight, without any tilt.

Lensbaby is creative and helps to put things in different perspective. Sometimes per incident, sometimes by being simply flexible.

Getting used to tilt might bending even bridges.
And sometimes it's important or put the golden cut away, forget about HDR and perfect illumination. Sometimes it's simply a moment you see, feel and click..


Created By
Guenter Herold


Guenter Herold Photography

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