Cuyahoga Arts & Culture presents Cuyahoga County's premier place to promote your upcoming arts and culture events: ClevelandArtsEvents.com. With this new resource at your fingertips, you can quickly post your upcoming events and receive statistics from CAC staff on the number of residents that visited your event listing, your website, and your ticket sales pages. Here are some tips for promoting your upcoming events online for free:

1 Create a compelling graphic

Now that your audience's attention span is on average shorter than that of a goldfish (according to thisĀ Time Magazine article), it becomes increasingly vital to produce an attention-grabbing, compelling image to bring your event listing to life.

You may think that you need expensive software like Photoshop to create your graphics, but there are plenty of free online tools available that can help you produce beautiful images in minutes:

Adobe Spark

A screenshot of Adobe Spark, a free website that allows you to create graphics, webpages and videos in minutes.

Create a free online profile with Adobe and gain access to the Adobe Spark suite, which allows you to create graphics (like this blog's header image), webpages (like this blog post) and even videos. With Spark you can either start from scratch or use the many free templates it offers that lets you skip a few design steps.


A screenshot of Canva, a free website that allows for easy design and document creation.

Canva is another free online tool that allows you to skip paying a graphic designer and create your own graphics in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop format. Canva also provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts for you to pick and choose.

2 Perfect your event description

While the first thing that grabs your audience's attention is your graphic, your event description needs to give the users a complete idea of what to expect at the event. Make sure to keep your description concise, clear and accurate, and try to approach it from your audience's perspective. Are there elements that make the event attractive to a certain demographic? Make sure to mention those elements and make the case for why your reader should pick your event over another. Here's an example we like:

3 Ask for feedback

It's always a good idea to ask for someone not familiar with the event to take a look at your graphic and description. A fresh perspective can help you improve your work such that the information is clear and captivating to an outside viewer.

4 Post your event on ClevelandArtsEvents.com

A screenshot of ClevelandArtsEvents.com, the premier place for arts and culture events in Cuyahoga County.

ClevelandArtsEvents.com is the premier location for Cuyahoga County residents to find arts and culture events. This new site offers exceptional features to both residents seeking fun in their backyard and organizations looking to promote their events.

Why ClevelandArtsEvents.com?

ClevelandArtsEvents.com is a free, user-friendly website that makes the process of promoting your events stress-free. Aside from showcasing your event to thousands of Cuyahoga County residents, this new site boasts other advantages:

  • You are now able to highlight your partnership with other organizations by assigning multiple organizers to each event. This way, all parties involved are recognized equally.
  • You can now copy your event listings for recurring events. Let's say you offer a series of classes each summer. Instead of having to re-post the classes again next summer, you can simply copy the listing, make any necessary edits, and assign new dates.
  • You are now able to post not only job openings, but also volunteer opportunities, auditions and any space you have available for rent.
  • You are now able to categorize your event based on its accessibility to differently-abled individuals.

Character Count

For the best results, keep your event descriptions to no more than 250 characters. This will ensure that the entire description is easily available on the page. Any text longer than that will get cut off, and requires users to click on "View More" to see the remainder of your description. A short and sweet description also gives you plenty of opportunity to highlight the selling points of your event, while also keeping the attention of your audience.

Image Size

For the optimum results with your event image, make sure it is at least 400 x 400 pixels and as close to a square as possible (i.e. avoid very long or wide rectangles).

5 Let us know

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture sends out two e-newsletters each month to the over 15,000 residents on its email list who are interested in learning about upcoming events in Cuyahoga County. Posting your event on ClevelandArtsEvents.com is the best way for it to be considered for inclusion in one of our newsletters. However, you don't have to stop there. Send a quick note to your program manager and let them know about your upcoming event in advance, and they can help you find other ways of promoting it. For example, CAC's Facebook page has over 14,000 followers, and we are more than happy to share your event posting there for additional promotion. All you have to do is let us know!

6 Call us with questions

If you have any questions about posting your events on ClevelandArtsEvents.com or other ways of promoting them online, contact our associate India Pierre-Ingram at ipierreingram@cacgrants.org or 216.515.8303 x107. She will be happy to assist with any issues!

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