Jocks by haley hobson

Expectations and Characteristics

The Jocks are the popular athletes. They are the rude, arrogant people who seem to rule the school because they know that they are great at sports and could get what they want and need in life because of their athleticism. Most people see them and resent them because of their popularity. People who aren't labeled jocks feel as though the jocks get everything handed to them, they’re lazy unless it comes to the sport(s) they play because they don’t have to worry about grades or anything most other high school students have to worry about. The boys specifically are cocky, they aren’t nice to anyone but their team mates or other jocks from other sports teams. They are expected to win us championships and look good to everyone in the school and the community especially for communities as close knit as Saco.

“When I think of Jocks I think of big bulky athletes, who are in lower level classes and get bad grades. I also think they are pretty dumb.” - Abbi Cook

“I think of nasty locker room talk, and being horrible to girls, meat heads come to mind, they all come from families with money and drive nice cars as well.” -Sydney Eldon

“I think of a football or basketball player, they're good at it and popular for being good at it. They definitely aren't smart.” -Alex Hart

“Jocks are rude and full of themselves, they're way more motivated for their sport than academics.” -Shannon

“They're all a-holes, they tend to be lazy and have everything easy, everything is handed to them they're also strong.” - Annie

Advantages and Disadvantanges

An advantage and disadvantage of being a jock is everyone knows your name, you are known in your school and all over the area you live, people know who you are everywhere you go so if you like the popularity it is great but you are always i the spotlight which feels like you can never make a mistake. With this label, you're most likely good at a sport so colleges are looking at you and you'll most likely get a scholarship which is amazing for you and your family. Another advantage is that a lot of girls like jocks and think that is cool to date a “jock”, due to the popularity that will probably come along with it . Some disadvantages are worrying that everything you do is good for the community and a good role model for younger kids starting to play your sport because that's what, especially the football community expects and being a jock and a star athlete comes with that role.

About my "label"

I think most people would classify me as a mean girl based on people I used to hang out with and who I may have used to be. I agree that at one point I was a mean girl but I no longer think I fit in that category, however labels stick with you even if they no longer apply sometimes. The mean girls all look a certain way and make sure they are pretty and dressed nice to present themselves in a way to make themselves look better than everyone else. They are more popular than most people in high school which was a big part of why I was given this label I believe. They pick on people who aren't like them just because they think they can and I to some extent used to be like that because of my friends, who I have since distanced myself from.

My real self

My label is nothing that truly describes me, I'm a typical high school girl who has her moments of snotty brattiness, but thats not who I am as a person. I'm a very family oriented person for my age, nothing will ever come before or mean more than my family I would rather be at a family party then with anyone my age. I was a cheerleader but due to a humbling injury that took me out of the sport I love most, I now coach youth second and third graders who I love more than anything. I drive a white Volkswagen Beetle that I saved up the money to purchase and no matter what anyone says or how many people laugh at my "clown car" I know my hard work paid off for me to be able to buy the car I've wanted since I had a pink barbie one at five years old. I'm a normal high school girl who gets good grades and tries to find the positive side and laugh as much as I can with every situation, loving the state I am lucky enough to grow up in and the amazing people I get to meet thoughout my journey at Thornton Academy.

Created By
Haley Hobson


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