French Revolution By: joshua Lazaro

There are many things that impact the start of the French Revolution, such as the nation's debt. France was too busy spending a lot of money on war purposes. Since France was in debt they were desperate for money and this led to Louis XVI implementing taxes. France was split up into 3 estates, 1st estate was the high clergy members, 2nd estate is the nobility member and lastly the 3rd estates which consist of your every day people. Taxes were not fair because the 1st estate didn't have to pay taxes and the 3rd estate was affected the most because they're already struggling without tax. So this aggravated them and caused people to refuse.

There was a proposal of increasing the royal revenue which would mean the nobility and clergy members would have to begin paying taxes. But they rejected the proposals. This upset the 3rd estate because they are suffering financially and the people who have money (1st estate) aren't paying a dime. Paying attention to the Enlightenment Philosophies, they were teaching equality which sparked the 3rd estate. They began to form their own legislative group.

Looking at France's emperor, Napoleon was he a hero or villain. What did he accomplish? What did he ruin? Napoleon was a hero to me because if you look at what he did and his accomplishments he wasn't that bad. Yes there was rules and things people didn't agree with but that is just like any other emperor/ ruler. And every ruler has his or her downfall.

Napoleon created an army that was decent enough to win battles. Not only was Napoleon a strategist but also a tactician. What is an army without a good leader? Sure you can have the best army but if you don't know how to use it, what use is that army? Napoleon defeated Egypt and this battle put a lot of fear into other country emperors. Not only Napoleon decent at war but he also allowed Roman Catholics to be free. Meaning there were not punished for being that religion. Like I said before every ruler/emperor has his or her downfall and so did Napoleon. Although he was captured he was not killed. And Napoleon lived his life.

Other countries feared France because of its leader Napoleon. Especially after defeating Egypt. Also after capturing Napoleon himself the other countries wanted to make sure nothing like this would happen again.

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