Let's Be Honest Here By Holly DeLoach

New Mom?

When a teenager finds out about her pregnancy she does not feel the joy of a new mother; she only feels devastation.

As a new mother a teenager cannot participate in many of the things she may have looked forward to such as prom, graduation and college. With a new baby to take care and support even graduating high school may seem impossible, and the mother not be able to go away to college but will instead have to commute to classes.

Do You Care?

In health class teachers have the wonderful privilege of teaching sex education. It is important that health teachers show that they care by lining the students up to be successful in all endeavors, including practicing safe sex. Talking about contraceptives may be an uncomfortable conversation to have but it is a conversation students will thank you for later on in life. Research has shown that in schools that do not talk about condoms and contraceptives there is a higher teenage pregnancy rate.

Abstinence is Safe

It is important to remember that abstinence is the only way to 100% prevent teen pregnancy, and ultimately the final decision comes down to the teenager. However the health teacher is in a good position to influence the decision of the student.

Even if a teacher has stressed abstinence too much in the past they have the opportunity to grow and change the way they instruct on sex education to better instruct the student.

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