Easy and adorable winter themed treats to make for the season By: Brooke Dembin '22

As we further transition into the winter season, sugary goods are perfect to ensure a sense of comfort and warmth. Whether it's for a party, a family gathering or yourself, cookies are always a fun and simple treat to make.

Oreo Polar Bears!

Ingredients: White chocolate covered Oreos, white chocolate melting wafers, black icing and candy eyes.

Step one: Take out as many white chocolate covered Oreos as you plan to make. You can also make your own chocolate covered Oreos, but I felt it was easier to buy them. These oreos will be used as the base of the polar bear.

Step two: Take out white chocolate melting wafers to use for the nose of the polar bear.

Step three: Use blue frosting, gel or icing and make a small circle on top of the white chocolate wafer. After it appears to be dry, put icing on the bottom of the wafer so that it sticks to the cookie and place it near the bottom of the Oreo.

Step four: Ice the bottom of two candy eyes (which aren’t created from the wafers and are purchased separately) and place them on the Oreo.

Step five: Melt a handful of wafers until the consistency more closely resembles a liquid.

Step six: Cut a wafer in half and stick the halves of the wafer on the top sides of the Oreo, using the melted chocolate, to keep them in place. These halves will serve as ears.

Finished polar bear treats

Penguin Cookies!

Ingredients: Sugar cookie dough, black and white icing and orange gummy candy.

Step one: Bake or purchase cookies of your choice. For the sake of saving time, I chose to buy sugar cookie dough. Also, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Step two: Since I used Pilsbury cookie dough, it didn’t specify the pan size or the size of the individual dough balls on the packaging. So, I think it's okay to guess and check on the sizing of the dough balls. Next, spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray and roll the dough into balls.

Step three: Place dough on the sheet about two inches apart.

Step four: Place cookies in the oven for about 10 to 14 minutes or until they turn golden brown.

Step five: Take the cookies out of the oven and let cool for about 10 minutes.

Step six: Use black frosting, icing or gel and create the shape above. The line should dip down at the center of the cookie. In the picture above, I used gel which I found hard to smoothen out. Icing or frosting might be an easier option.

Step seven: Fill in the rest of the cookie with white frosting, icing or gel. The white gel was also very bumpy and hard to smoothen.

Step eight: Put the candy eyes on the cookie as well as an orange gummy candy. I cut the gummy into a triangle to create the shape of a nose.

Here are the finished baked goods! The arctic animals these cookies resemble are great representations of winter and all of the beauty that it encaptures. For this reason and more, these cookies will make the perfect dessert throughout the winter season.