Future Sustainability of Canada 'youth minister for a sustainable future'

Welcome to Canada.

Canada's a great country with a deep and meaningful history, but more importantly Canada is a young country with a bright and even more meaningful future. But only if we can fix the small problems now, before it's too late. With my new position as Youth Minister for a sustainable future, I will propose my solutions to the following problems. My goal is to work towards these problems within the next 25 years to ensure that by 2041 we can have a sustainable future to enjoy.

Some of the problems I would like to apply my solutions to are; Canada's aging population, urban sprawl, globing warming (what can Canada do?), our cost of living, oil industry and lastly, the consumerism in Canada.

Aging Population.

Canada never had to worry about the population decreasing. This was because after the war we had what was called the baby boomers which is when there was a huge increase in the population. Now a days Canadians aren't having as many children as they use to, which means that all those baby boomers that where once kids are now grown up and are 50-70 years old. They're about to retire or have retired by now. This is a problem for my generation when we get to the working age because the taxes will be higher, there won't be enough people to work and the health care will be higher and in more demand.

This shows us what the population life expectancy was last year.


knowing the life expectancy is important to use because then we are able to predict what the coming years ages will be. My solution is, because we have an aging population and that means we'll end up with employment opportunities. we advertise immigration. This will allow people of working age to come in and work in the primary and secondary industries. This will prevent higher taxes because now the cost of living can be shared among the immigrants. The economy will stay stable and it will balance out the population in the long term. To prevent urban sprawl, we would advertise to live in the parts of Canada that can take it the people, such as Alberta. Alberta is good because it's near British Columbia as well as it's pretty flat near the north west parts. Having flat land will make it easier to build apartments and transportation routs like street cars powered by electricity to keep the co2 levels down and prevent suburban sprawl. Over all we'll be able to maintain the employment, cost of living will stay the same, health care wont be such a big deal.

our part in global warming

Urban sprawl

The uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.


Some of my solutions are to better plan new developments. Doing this will make commercial and residential buildings closer together and with this comes transportation and recreational space. These are major factors when designing cities. For this reason my plan is to build more mixed use buildings in residential areas. This will allow people to walk or bike to stores instead of driving. This will also eliminate the amount of pollution. With mixed use buildings the roads wont need to be as big because people would in theory would walk and not drive so the traffic is minimum. While having more people out side walking and biking instead of driving, recreational space is important. Not only will it bring green space to the city, but it'll help absorb some of the co2 gases and clean the air. It's proven that cleaner air quality in a city motives people to want to be outside.

oil industry is old, bring out the solar!

This is a trifold brochure on solar

consumption... managing our resources

Consumption is a big thing in north America, But it's an even bigger problem in terms of what we do with it after. We waste just about everything, and cant reuse it because the quality is poor. This wastes money, resources and takes up land and pollutes it.everything about our system sucks. Along with the video I made my proposal is to create a law stating that all products made in Canada must have a guarantee too last 1 year. And if it doesn't last the year that the material used is recyclable. This will ensure that we can better manage our resources before we run out of them. I couldn't post the video to this presentation so I emailed it to you separately.

Cost of living

As Canada ages so does the population and therefore the cost of living increases too. This means that housing, transportation, recreation, leaser... The more bills we end up paying the less amount of money we have for the other essentials in life. With the cost so high no wonder people find it hard to have children. This is why my plan is going to be called the forever Canadian back up. This is because with people not being able to have children due to the cost of living, it will promote people to have children but want to live in a suburban apartment area. How this would work is families who want children but can't have them would apply for forever Canadian and get a certain amount of this apartment park. This will ensure that that money is used to sustain their family, it also guarantees Canada with a more sustainable living cost and a healthy population with out having to take away to much land.

Canada is a beautiful country with a huge potential of being the most sustainable, But that's only if we act now and make changes to the problems we have now. Some of these problems are about our aging population or maintain our resources and making sure we don't go through them to fast. Whatever it is Youth ministers for a sustainable future are ready to innovate and improve our nation to ensure that we can make it the best it's ever been!


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