Solar Energy: The Advantages by: mitchell hinderer

Reasons why you should use Solar energy:

• Although the panels may be expensive, they are environmentally friendly and will benefit both you and the environment.

• The sun's energy will not deplete in our lifetime, so solar energy is arguably one of the most reliable forms of energy.

• Solar panels could be good for your wallet, too. While the initial price is high, you don't have to pay for electricity in the long run, just maintenance to the solaar panels

Solar energy is when light hits solar panels and electricity is produced.

How is electricity created from solar energy?

Well according to, "When sunlight shines on a solar cell, the energy it carries blasts electrons out of the silicon. These can be forced to flow around an electric circuit and power anything that runs on electricity."

The Sun's energy will last at least another 5 billion years

According to the University of California Berkeley "The Sun is about 4.5 billion years old now. It is about 300 degrees hotter and about 6% greater in radius than when it was first born. It will continue to increase,in temperature, luminosity and radius at about the same rate for about another 5 billion years." therefore, solar power will still be usable for at least another 5 billion years. Also , you only have to replace solar panels every 25 years, which is about one- third of the average human life cycle.

Solar panels only have to be replaced every 25 years

Famous uses of solar panels:

The International Space Station relies on solar panels for electricity
A concept design for the next Mars Rover uses solar panels.

If solar energy becomes more mainstream than it already is, the world would be much cleaner and society would have to worry less about pollution. In fact, solar energy is one of the fastest growing alternative energy source, so that goal isn't far off.

This graph shows the rapid growth of solar energy in the US.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Sun Release M8.7-Class Solar Flare on Dec. 17, 2014" • kateausburn - "Solar Panels in Maules Creek" • WikiImages - "international space station iss space travel"

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