Colombia Report By: Seth Kribgaum

In 1876 the Capital city of Bagota was made underway to be built, in 1926 it was finished. The Capital city contains an estimate of 6.7 million in population.

The three majority of languages spoken in Bagota is the following

1. Spanish (Estimate 99.2% of Colombians speak Spanish.)

2. Amerindian language

3. English

The continental location of Colombia is in South America, the exact location (based from Bogta capital building.) is 4.7110° N, 74.0721° W

The population of Colombia based on the date of Feb 1, 2017 is 49,067,981 people in total, the average life expectancy is 73.78 years and the average age of the overall population is 28 years old.


Three major land formations consist of the Andes Mountain, the Amazon Forest, and the Atlantic Lowlands.

Three architectural landmarks include the Capital building of Bogota, Gold Museum, and Moserrate.

The major bodies of water around in in Colombia include the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean and also the Laguna De Guatavia "Lake Guatavita."

The three biggest cities in Colombia are Bagota (7.9 million people.) of course, followed by Medellin (2.5 million people.) and Cali (2.4 million people.)


Instead of our Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Colombians have what is called wet season (very humid and lots of rain) and dry season (less humid and no rain).

The average yearly rainfall is: 42 inches (107cm)

The average yearly temperature is: 65-69 degrees Fahrenheit

The effect the climate has on the country is it provides decent water for the tree's and keep the crops watered as well.


The type of government Colombia is under is called a Unitary State which is where the central government has the highest power, other powers deemed appropriate for the region to makes it own laws about, the regional governments receive. The most followed religion in Colombia is Roman Catholic Christianity.

Three popular performing groups in Colombia conclude of:

  • Bomba Estereo
  • ChocQuib Town
  • Grupo Niche

Colombian folk music is made up but not limited to these three groups:

  • Cumbia
  • Porro
  • Vallenato

Colombia has a traditional clothing piece called a la pollera colora which is a dress like clothing for women.

Three specialties of Colombia are:

  • Ajiaco
  • Empanada
  • Bandeja paisa

Some cool holidays in Colombia include but are not limited to: Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the dead, October 31st-November 2nd.), Dia de San Jose (Saint Joseph's Day, March 19th.) and Primero de Mayo (Labor day, May 1st.)

The major ethnicity of Colombia is whites. They maintain some very American sports though, Motorcycle racing being one of the most popular followed by boxing and football (soccer to you Americans.)

tHere comes controversy and something that bugs me more than anything, gender inequality in a society. Women are expected to not stay in school as long as their male counterparts, males of course are still forced to follow gender rolls and sterotypes that society says they must follow being the "leader of the house hold." which honestly insults men who simply don't want to be put under that kind of pressure or expectations. Women unfortunate are not viewed as equal and violence against them is common, it goes unpunished for the most part and 37% of married women have been physically abused by their husbands.

Common family traditions include that working families have both parents working, but years ago that tradition was around instead they went by what we call the classic nuclear family (Warning: out of date stereotypes ahead) which consisted of the man being the head of the household, the women doing the house work and raising the kids, thankfully the dawn of the 20th century brought a huge change in women's place in the working world and their ability to vote. One really cool tradition they have in Colombia as well is the picking of the god parents. Whom of which would give their godchild important life advice and adopt them if the parents were to die or if child protection saw it fit for the child to be removed from the family to a safer environment.

Interesting (fun) facts:

It is illegal to wash your car in the street and also it is illegal on a certain day of the year to use personal cars, you must public transportation or walk.

The flag is a code of colors, blue meaning loyalty, yellow meaning justice and red signaling its independence from Spain, it is great flag and I find respect in the colors it choose.

The most cool and crazy big birds of Colombia is called Andean Condor a picture will be shown

Fun Fact: The Andean Condor has a wing span of 10 feet, and stands at 4 foot 3 inches on average.

The most popular modes of transportation include of cars, buses and scooters.

Travel tips, lets get through the basics first, study the basic laws they have, make sure their isn't any prescription medication they don't allow their (example: China does not allow you to own steroids even if you have a doctors note.) and if you're on a honeymoon (Nudge nudge, Ms.Kiem) you should definitely visit the Santa Marta, it is beautiful and has many amazing sites such as the Tayrona National Natural Park.

A hut at the Tayrona Nation Park

DO NOT make jokes about drugs, you will probably be searched, always cover your mouth when yawning, sneezing or coughing that is just common sense, never back up from someone being close to someone physically while talking is considered normal and stepping back is considered rude and equivilent to you turning your cheek to them and ignoring them as if the conversation was over abruptly.

Malaria is very common in Colombia with a estimated amount of cases being 250,000 per year with a death rate of 3/100,000.

There is nothing to worry about in Colombia besides you know the guerrilla fighters trying to take back tribal land and kill people in the process.

Colombia's main trading partner is the U.S with 36% of all exports going to the United States, exports to China 6%, 5% Spain, Venezuela 4% and other countries including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands and others.


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